“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 2, “The Shepherds And The Angels

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“Let It Rise,”  Dietrick Hadden 

“We Cry Holy,” Dietrick Hadden

“The Shepherds And The Angels,” Luke 2:8) And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.  9) And, Lo, The Angel Of The Lord came upon them, And The Glory Of The Lord Shone Round About them:  and they were sore afraid.  10) And The Angel Said Unto them, Fear Not; For, Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings Of Great Joy,  Which Shall Be To All People.  11) For Unto You Is Born This Day In The City Of David A Saviour , Which Is Christ The Lord.  12) And This Shall Be A Sing Unto You; Ye Shall Find The Babe Wrapped In Swaddling Clothes, Lying In A manger.  13) And Suddenly There Was With The Angel A Multitude Of The heavenly Host Praising God, And Saying,  Psalm 103:20; Hebrew 1:14.  14) Glory To God In The Highest, And On Earth Peace, Good Will Toward Men.  1 John 4:9.  15) And it came to pass, as the Angels were gone away from them into Heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and See This Thing Which The Lord Hath made Known Unto Us.  16) And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph and The Babe Lying In A Manger.  17) And When They Had Seen It, They Made Known Abroad The Saying Which Was Told Them Concerning This Child.  18) And all they that heard It Wondered At Those Things Which Were Told Them by the Shepherds.  19) But Mary Kept All These Things, And Pondered Them In Her Heart.  20) And the shepherds returned, Glorifying And Praising God For All The Things That They Had Heard And Seen, As It Was Told Unto Them.

Nelson’s Concise Bible Commentary – v8, The shepherds kept watch to protect the sheep from wild animals.  v9, 10 Glory Refers to Evidence Of God’s Majestic Presence.  In This Scene, The Glory Is The Appearance Of Light In The Midst Of Darkness.  v11, 12,  The city of David  refers to Bethlehem.  Savior … Christ … Lord:  These Three Titles Summarize The SAVING WORK OF JESUS AND HIS SOVEREIGN POSITION.  The Word Christ Means “Anointed,” The Word Lord Was A Title Of A Ruler.  v13, Heavenly Host refers to an Entourage of Angels.  v14, Glory Refers To praise Given To God.  Goodwill Toward Men:  The Phrase Means That People Are The Objects Of God’s Goodwill.

Quest Study Bible – v9-12, “Why Announce The Birth Of Jesus To The Shepherds?”  Perhaps the shepherds were more Receptive To God’s Plans than, say, the religious leaders in Jerusalem.  The more orthodox members of society despised shepherds for being unclean by strict ceremonial standards.  Their reputation was that they were untrustworthy—a shepherd’s testimony was not valid for legal matters.  Yet God Chose Them To Be The First Witnesses To The Birth Of Christ (vv. 17-18)!  Shepherds may have been chosen because they represented all who needed cleansing.  JESUS WAS A KING FOR ALL THOSE HUMBLE ENOUGH TO SEE THEIR NEED FOR A SAVIOR.  Amen.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v15, And it came to pass, as the Angels  The Persic version reads in the singular number, “the angel: were gone away from them into Heaven”, from whence they came, and which was the place of their abode and residence; and therefore they are called the Angels of Heaven, where they always behold The Face Of God, Hearken To The Voice Of His Commandment, and Go and Come At His Orders; and These having finished Their embassy, delivered Their message to the shepherds, and done All The Work They Came About,  departed from them:  and, as the Ethiopic version adds, “and Ascended up into Heaven”; and as soon as They were gone, immediately,  the shepherds said one to another, let us now go even to Bethlehem  the place where the Angel said The Saviour Was Born,  and see This Thing Which Hath Come To Pass, Which The Lord Hath Made Known To Us:  from whence it appears, that it was not from diffidence of the matter, as questioning the Truth of what the Angel said, that they moved one another to go to Bethlehem; for they firmly Believed The Thing Was Come To Pass, which the Angel had told them of, and that what he said was From The Lord; nor did they act any criminal part, or indulge a vain curiosity, in going to Bethlehem to see what was done; for it seems to be The Will Of God That They Should Go, and for which they had A Direction From The Angel, and A Sign Given them by which they might know The New Born Saviour from any other infant, ( Luke 2:12 ) and which would also be a further Confirmation of their Faith, and by which they would be qualified not only as ear, but as eyewitnesses of The Truth of This Fact, To Report It With Greater Certainty.  v16, And they came with haste  In the night, leaving their flocks, to see their Incarnate Lord, as Zacchaeus hastened down from the tree to receive The Saviour. The Wonderfulness of The Vision, the Importance of The Thing Related, the eagerness of their spirits to see The Thing that was told them, put them on making quick dispatch, and hastening to the city with all speed:  and found Mary and Joseph;  as they had been directed by the Angel, in the city of Bethlehem, in an inn there, and in a stable in the inn:  and The Babe Lying in a manger:  where Mary had put It As Soon As Born, And Had Wrapped It In Swaddling Clothes; because there was no room in the inn, and as the Angel had told them They Should Find It, ( Luke 2:12 )  v17, And when they had seen It  Or “HIM”, as the Arabic version reads, the child Jesus, or “them”, Joseph, Mary, and The Child; or this whole affair, as had been related to them:  they made known abroad;  not only in the inn, and among all the people there but throughout the city of Bethlehem,  the saying which was told them concerning This Child:  both what the Angel had told them concerning His Birth, and what HE WAS, and where HE LAY; and what Mary had told them concerning the Notice she had from an Angel of The Conception Of Him, and The Manner Of It, and of What He Should Be; and likewise what Joseph had told them, how an Angel had appeared to him, and had Acquainted him, after The Conception of HIM that It Was Of The Holy Ghost; and was Bid to Call His Name Jesus: as Mary also was, because He Was To Be The Saviour Of His People from their sins: for, no doubt, but they had a conversation with Joseph and Mary about HIM; and as they could not fail of relating to them, what they had seen and heard that night in the fields, it is reasonable to suppose, that Joseph and Mary would give them some account of the above things; which all make up the saying, or report, they spread abroad: the Persic version reads, “what they had heard of the Angel”; but there is no reason to confine it to that.  v18, And all they that heard It  What the shepherds related of what they had heard from the Angel, and from Joseph and Mary, and what they had Seen themselves;  wondered at Those Things that were told them by the shepherds: for though they expected The Messiah, and that He Would Be Born at Bethlehem, yet they did not imagine that He Would Be Born of such mean (poor) parents, and appear in such mean circumstances, and in so contemptible a place; and that shepherds, and not the princes of Israel, should have the first notice of It; and yet The Account which these shepherd, who were plain hearted men, and could never be thought to invent such a story, and spread it, and impose on men, without any interest in it, was very surprising; so that they knew not what to say to it, neither to deny, nor believe it; accordingly, the Persic version renders the whole thus, “and whoever heard, wondering, stuck at It”; hesitated about It, and yet astonished at the particulars of It; just as Christ’s hearers were in ( Luke 4:22 ) who wondered at His Ministry, and the Manner of It, and yet objected the meanness of His parentage and education.  v19, But Mary kept All These Things  Which the shepherds had related to her:  and Pondered [Them] in her heart;  or compared Tin her mind, with what had been said to herself by the Angel, and also by her husband, as well as what was said by Elisabeth at the time she made her a visit; but she said nothing of Them to others, lest she should be thought an enthusiast, or a vain boaster; and therefore left things, till time should make a discovery of Them in a proper way, and in the best season.  v20, And the shepherds returned  From Bethlehem, to the fields, and to their flock there;  Glorifying and Praising God For All The Things that they had heard;  from Joseph and Mary:  and Seen;  as The Babe Lying In The Manger:  As It Was Told Unto them;  by the Angel: they Glorified God on account of The birth Of The Messiah; and Praised Him, Wondering At His Grace, and The High Honour Put Upon Them, that they should be Acquainted With It; and that there was such an exact agreement between The Things They Had Seen, and the Angel’s Account Of Them.


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