“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “THE BIRTH OF JESUS FORETOLD”

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“Hosanna,” Israel Houghton

“THE BIRTH OF JESUS FORETOLD,” Luke 1:26) And in the sixth month the Angel Gabriel Was Sent From God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,  27) To a Virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the Virgin’s name was Mary.  Isaiah 7:14.  28) And the Angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art Highly Favoured, The Lord Is With thee:  Blessed art thou among women.  29) And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of Salutation this should be.  30) And the Angel said unto her, Fear Not, Mary:  for thou hast found Favour With God.  31) And, Behold, thou Shalt Conceive in thy womb, and Bring Forth A Son, And Shalt Call his Name JESUS.  Galatians 4:4.  32) HE SHALL BE GREAT, AND SHALL BE CALLED THE SON OF THE HIGHEST:  AND THE LORD GOD SHALL GIVE UNTO HIM THE THRONE OF HIS father DAVID:  Philippians 2:10; Isaiah 16:5.  33) AND HE SHALL REIGN OVER THE HOUSE OF JACOB FOR EVER; AND OF HIS KINGDOM THERE SHALL BE NO END.  Micah 4:7; John 12;34; Hebrews 1:8.  34) Then said Mary unto the Angel, How shall This Be, seeing I know not a man?

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v26, And in the sixth month  After Elisabeth’s conception; for so long was John the Baptist conceived before Christ, and so long (six months) he was born before Him (Jesus); and it seems as if there was the same distance between the public ministry of the one, and The Other: John was before Christ, as man, being His Forerunner; but Christ Was Preferred unto him as Mediator, and Existed before him, as The Eternal Son of God:  the angel Gabriel was sent from God;  the same Angel, that near five hundred years before gave Daniel an exact account of the time of the Messiah’s Coming, and six months ago acquainted Zacharias with the conception, birth, character, and office of His Forerunner:  unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth;  the whole country of Galilee was mean and contemptible with the Jews: they observe, though through mistake, that no Prophet arose out of it, ( John 7:52 ) and Nazareth particularly was exceeding despicable in their eye: hence those words of Nathanael, “can any good thing come out of Nazareth?” ( John 1:46 ) and yet hither an Angel Was Sent By God; and here dwelt the mother of our Lord. (See Gill on Matthew 1:23)  v27,  To a virgin  A pure virgin, that never knew man; (See Gill on Luke 1:34) and yet  espoused to a man whose name was Joseph;  but they were not come together, nor had he taken her for his wife, (nor) home to his house, nor had they cohabited:  of the house of David; which, according to the grammatical construction of the words, may be connected either with the virgin, or with Joseph, to whom she was espoused; and is true of both; for they both were of the house and lineage of David: and this shows what a low condition David’s family was in, that the persons that were the nearest allied to it were a carpenter, and a poor virgin; and both residing in so despicable a place as Nazareth in Galilee:  and the virgin’s name was Mary;  a name frequent among the Jews, and the same with Miriam; of which name was the sister of Moses and Aaron.  v28,  And the Angel came in unto her  Into her house, and into the room where she was:  and said, hail;  all health, happiness, and prosperity attend thee;    ( Matthew 28:9 )  thou art Highly Favoured;  or Graciously Accepted (or Highly Acceptable), or hast obtained Grace; not referring to electing, redeeming; justifying, pardoning, adopting, and Sanctifying Grace, which she had in common with other Saints; but to that Special and Particular Favor, in being Chosen and Singled out from all other women, to be The Mother of The Messiah:  The Lord is with thee;  so the Angel (said) to Gideon, ( Judges 6:12 ) or “Be with thee”, an usual form of salutation among the Jews;   ( Ruth 2:4 )  thou art blessed among women;  and will be pronounced so by other women, as she was by Elisabeth, ( Luke 1:42 ) and by other wom(e)n, ( Luke 11:27 ) .  v29, And when she saw him  The Persic version renders it, “when Mary saw the Angel”; which expresses the true sense of the words, The Vulgate Latin reads, “when she heard”; i.e. The Salutation:  she was troubled at his saying;  at his speaking to her; she was surprised at the sight of him, and more at what he said to her;  and cast in her mind,  or thought and reasoned within herself,  what manner of Salutation this should be;  for it was not usual with the Jews for a man to use any salutation to a woman; with them it was not lawful to be done in any shape or form; not by a messenger, nor even by her own husband F21; so that Mary might well be thrown into a concern what should be the meaning of this; and especially, that she should be addressed in such language, and saluted as a Peculiar Favourite of God, and Blessed among women.  v30,  And the angel said unto her,  &c] Observing the consternation and confusion she was in;  Fear Not, Mary;  he calls her by her name, signifying that she was well known to him, as the Saints are to the Ministering Angels, who are often sent unto them, encamp about them, and do them many good offices; and bids her not be afraid, he had no ill design upon her, nor brought any ill news to her:  for thou has found Favour,  or “found Grace with God”; and what that particular Grace and Favor was, is expressed in the following verses.  v31,  And Behold thou shalt Conceive in thy womb,  &c.] Though a pure virgin, which never knew a man; and therefore, “a Behold”, is prefixed to it, as being what was Extraordinary and Wonderful; as it is also, in The Prophesy Of It, in ( Isaiah 7:14 ) to which the Angel Manifestly refers, and is, by Matthew cited, as accomplished hereby; (See Gill on Matthew 1:22) (See Gill on Matthew 1:23)  And Bring Forth A Son, And Shalt Call His Name Jesus;  which signifies a “Saviour”; and a Saviour Christ is of God’s Appointing, Providing and Sending; and a Very Suitable One, being a Spiritual Saviour, Both Able and Willing To Save To The Uttermost all that Believe In Him; nor is there any other, nor Salvation in any other: He Is The Saviour Of His People, Whom The Father Has Given Him, whether of Jews or Gentiles; and of them from all their sins, and from all their enemies; and whom He Saves With A Spiritual And Eternal Salvation.  v32,  He Shall Be Great  In His Person, as God-man; This Child Born, and Son Given, Being The Angel Of The Great Counsel, The Mighty God, And Everlasting Father; ( Isaiah 9:6 ) which is here referred to; and in His Offices, In His Prophetic Office, Being That Great and Famous Prophet Moses spoke of, Mighty In Word and Deed, in His Doctrine and Miracles; In His Priestly Office, Being A Great High Priest, Both In The Oblation (Offering And Sacrifice) Of Himself, and In His Prevalent (Powerful) Intercession (Pleading on our behalf); and In His Kingly Office, Being The King of kings, and Lord of Lords; and in The Whole Of His Office, as Mediator ( A Go-Between God And Man), Being A Great Saviour, The Author of a Great Salvation for great sinners; in which is Greatly Displayed The Glory Of All The Divine Perfections: Great Also In His Works, The Miracles That He Wrought, As Proofs Of His Deity (Divine Status) and Messiahship, The Work Of Redemption, The Resurrection Of Himself From The Dead, and of all men at the last day; and In The Glory He Is Now Possessed Of, At The Father’s Right Hand, Where He Is Highly Exalted Above All Principality And Power:  And Shall Be Called The Son Of The Highest;  That Is, Of God, of Whose Names Is (Nwyle) , “The Most High”; see ( Genesis 14:18-20 ) not by creation, as angels and men, nor by adoption, as Saints, nor by office, as magistrates, are called “the children of The Most High”, ( Psalms 82:6 ) but by nature, Being The Eternal Son Of God; of the same nature with Him, and Equal To Him: for He was not now to begin to be The Son of God, He Was So Before, Even From All Eternity; but the sense is, That He Should Now Be Known, Owned, and Acknowledged To Be The Son Of God, and Declared To Be The Son Of God With Power By His Resurrection From The Dead:  and The Lord God Shall Give Unto Him The Throne Of His father David.  Christ, as God, is The Son of God, as man, the son of David; a name often given to The Messiah, and by which He Was Well Known among the Jews; and as Christ Descended From him as man, in a literal sense, He Had A Right To The Throne of his father David; but here it intends not his throne, in a literal, but in a figurative sense; for as David was a type of The Messiah in his kingly office, hence The Messiah is called “David their king”, ( Hosea 3:5 ) so his throne was typical of The Messiah’s Throne and Kingdom; which is not of this world, but is in His (Christ’s) Church, and Is Set Up in the hearts of His People, where He Reigns By His Spirit and Grace; and this is a Throne and Kingdom “Given” By The Lord God. The Kingdom of Nature and Providence He Has By Right Of Nature, As The Son Of The Highest; The Kingdom of Grace, or The Mediatorial (The Revelation’s Of God) Kingdom, The Kingdom of Royal Priesthood, is a delegated One; His Father Has Set Him As King Over His Holy Hill Of Zion; and He Is Accountable For His Government To Him, and Will One Day Deliver It Up Complete And Perfect (At The Second Coming).   v33,  And He Shall Reign Over the house of Jacob  Not over the Jews, the posterity of Jacob, in a literal sense; but over the whole Israel of God, consisting of Jews and Gentiles. For as His (earthly) father David (Christ Was Born Through The Blood Line Of David who) reigned over the Idumeans, Syrians, and others, as well as over the house of Judah and Israel, so this his Son (Who Is More Than Just The Son Of David) Shall Reign Over Both Jews and Gentiles: His Kingdom Shall Be From One End of the earth to the other, Even Over All The Elect (God’s Chosen People) Of God; who in successive generations call themselves by the name of Jacob, and surname themselves by the name of Israel, of whatsoever nation they be; and This Reign Of His Shall Be “For Ever, and Of His Kingdom There Shall Be No End”; referring to ( Isaiah 9:7 ) see also ( Daniel 2:44 ) ( Daniel 7:14 ) He Shall Reign In The Hearts Of His People Here Unto The End Of the World; And With His Saints In The New Heavens And New Earth; And With Them To All Eternity, IN THE ULTIMATE GLORY.  v34,  Then said Mary to the Angel, how shall this be  This she said not as doubting The Truth of what was said; for she required no sign, as Zacharias did; nor is she charged with, and blamed for Unbelief, as he was; yea, it is expressly said, ( Luke 1:45 ) That She Believed: nor was this a curious question, as whether she should have this Son by a man in a married state, or in her present Virgin State; for she clearly Understood The Angel to mean the latter; and therefore her words express her Admiration at it, and also her Desire to be Informed Of The Manner How It Should Be: as to The Matter Of Fact, she did not Dispute It, but wanted to be Resolved By What Means It Would Be Brought About: she knew, by Prophecy, that The Messiah Was To Be Born Of A Virgin, and she Perceived, by the Angel’s Declaration, That She Was That Virgin, but could not imagine in what way This Amazing Thing Should Be Effected; and therefore proposes this question for the following reason,  seeing I know not a man?  “A husband”, as the Arabic version renders it; not Joseph, nor any other man; for though she was espoused to Joseph, yet he had not taken her to wife; nor were they, as yet; come together; And Before They Did, She Was Found With Child Of The Holy Ghost, ( Matthew 1:18 ) She Was A Pure Virgin, Untouched By Man. The words are an “euphemism”, or a modest way of expressing carnal copulation;  ( NO SEXUAL CONTACT)  see ( Genesis 4:1 ) .
Quest Study Bible – v31, “Why Name Him Jesus?”   The Name Was A Sign That God Would Save His People (Matthew 1:21).    Its Old Testament Form Was Yeshua or Joshua, meaning YAHWEH (GOD) IS SALVATION. 

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