“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “THE BIRTH OF JESUS FORETOLD,” cont’d

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“Hosanna,” Israel Houghton

“THE BIRTH OF JESUS FORETOLD,” cont’d, Luke 1:35) And the Angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost Shall Come Upon Thee, AND THE POWER OF THE HIGHEST SHALL OVERSHADOW THEE:  Therefore Also THAT HOLY THING WHICH SHALL BE BORN OF THEE SHALL BE CALLED THE SON OF GOD.  Acts 8:37; Romans 1:4.  36) And, Behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age:  and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.  37) FOR WITH GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE.  Jeremiah 32:17.  38) And Mary said, Behold The Handmaid Of The Lord; be it unto me according to thy Word.  And the Angel departed from her.  

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible –   v35  And the Angel answered and said unto her  The Angel gave her an account of the Manner in which what he had said should be effected, as well as observed some things for The Strengthening Of Her Faith.  The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee.  The words, “upon thee”, are left out in the Syriac and Persic versions; but are retained in others, and in all copies: The Formation of Christ’s Human Nature, though common to all The Three Persons (Father (God), Son (Christ Jesus) and Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit), yet is particularly, and most properly ascribed to The Spirit; not to the First Person, The Father, lest it should be thought that He Is Only The Father of Him (Christ), as man (or as a man only); nor to The Second Person, The Son (Christ Jesus), since It Is To Him that the human nature is Personally United; but to The Third Person, The Spirit, Who Is The Sanctifier; and Who Separated, and Sanctified It (the human nature of Christ Jesus), The First Moment Of Its Conception, and Preserved It from the taint of original sin. His Coming upon the virgin must be understood in consistence with His Omnipresence (God Being Everywhere At The Same Time), and Immensity (Exceedingly); but An Effectual Operation in forming the human nature of her flesh and substance (Mary’s); and not in the ordinary manner in which He (God) is concerned in the formation of all men, ( Job 33:4 ) But In An Extraordinary Way, Not To Be Conceived Of, And Explained.  (No) coition (PURE, CLEAN).  And The Power Of The Highest Shall Overshadow thee.  By “The Power Of The Highest” is not meant the Lord Jesus Christ, Who Is Sometimes Called The Power Of God; but rather The Holy Ghost, as before, Who is styled (or Called)  The Finger Of God, and Power From On High, ( Luke 11:20 ) ( 24:49 ) unless it should be thought that The Perfection Of Divine Power Common To All The Three Persons Is Intended: and so points out the Means by which The Wondrous Thing Should Be Performed, Even By The Power Of God; and Which Should Not Only Be Employed In Forming The Human Nature Of Christ, But In Protecting The Virgin From Any Suspicion And Charge Of Sin, and Defending Her Innocence And Virtue, By Moving Upon Joseph to take her to wife. In the Word, “Overshadow”, some think there is an allusion to The Spirit of God Moving Upon The Face Of The Waters, In ( Genesis 1:2 ) when, (tpxrm) , he brooded upon them, as the word may be rendered; and which is the sense of it, according to the Jewish writers  therefore also that Holy Thing Which Shall Be Born of thee Shall Be Called The Son Of God.  The Human Nature of Christ is here called a “Thing”; for it was not a person; it never subsisted of itself, but was taken at once into union with The Person Of The Son of God, otherwise there would be two persons in Christ, Whereas He Is God, and man, in One Person; and It Is Said To Be “Holy”, Being Free From That Original Pollution And Sin, in which all that descend from Adam, by ordinary generation, are conceived, and brought forth; and is, moreover, said to be born of a virgin, “of thee”, or “out of thee”. Christ’s Flesh Was Formed Out Of The Virgin’s; He Took Flesh Of Her; His Body Did Not Descend From Heaven, or Pass Through Her, as water through a pipe, (*The Virgin Was Prepared To Be The Vessel For Christ Jesus’s Birth From The Beginning Of Time)  v36,   And behold thy cousin Elisabeth  For though Elisabeth was of the daughters of Aaron, or of the tribe of Levi by her father’s side, yet might be of the tribe of Judah by her mother’s side, and so akin to Mary. The Persic version calls her “aunt by the mother’s side”: intermarriages between the two tribes of Levi and Judah were frequent; nor were they at all contrary to the intention of that Law, that forbid the tribes to intermarry, which was to preserve the inheritance in each tribe, since the tribe of Levi had none at all. Though she might be called her cousin in a more general sense; it being usual with the Jews to call all of their own nation their kinsmen and kinswomen, according to the flesh: but the former sense seems more agreeable; and so Mary is directed to her own family, and to her own relations, and known friends, for a Sign, by which her Faith Might Be Confirmed, in what The Angel had said unto her; for if she found the one to be True, she might conclude The Other (The she would give Birth To The Messiah) Was Also; which is as follows:  she hath also conceived a son in her old age:  though Mary asked no Sign, yet One is given her, whereby she might know The Truth Of What Was Spoken: for if it should appear that Elisabeth had received strength to conceive, as was declared by the Angel; and that a son, too, which he (The Angel) could not have known without a Divine Revelation; and that in her old age, which, was Extraordinary and Supernatural, she might assure herself, that The Message Brought To Her Was From God; and that she likewise, though a virgin, might conceive, and bear a Son: the Angel adds, as a further testimony of The Truth Of Things;  and this is the sixth month with her who was called barren. Elisabeth, was generally known to be barren, and was, by way of reproach, usually called so, but was now six months gone with child; so that it was a plain case, and out of question; the signs of her pregnancy were very apparent.  v37,   For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible.  ] That Is Consistent With His Nature And Perfections, With His Counsels, Purposes, And Promises: Every Thing That He Has Said, Purposed, Or Promised, He Is Able To Do, And Will; every Word that He Has Spoken, every Thing Predicted by His Prophets, or Declared by His Angels, and Particularly This of A Virgin’s Conceiving and Bearing A Son: so that the Angel not only answers her question, how this should be, but Confirms Her Faith In It; Partly by the Instance of her cousin Elisabeth, and Partly by Observing the Infinite Omnipotence (Diety and Unlimited Power)  of God.  v38,  And Mary said, Behold The Handmaid of The Lord,  &c.] In which words she expresses her Obedience of Faith; she owns herself to be The Handmaid Of The Lord, and Desires To Obey Him, and Be Submissive To Him as such; and tacitly (understands) acknowledges her meanness (lowliness), and great unworthiness:  be it unto me according to Thy Word;  she assented to what the Angel said should be unto her; she earnestly desired It might be, and firmly Believed It Would Be; she set her “Amen” (“So Be It) to the Angel’s Message:  and the Angel departed from her;  to The Heavenly Regions from whence he came; to his Great Lord and Master, that sent Him; having dispatched the Business he came about, and which he was accountable to Him (God) for. 

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