“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Luke 1, “The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold,” Preparing The Way For Jesus The Christ, III

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christian cross: Illustration of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. A bleeding heart with flames, pierced by a lance wound with crown of thorns and cross. Illustration

“Can’t Give Up Now,” Mary Mary

“The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold,” III, Luke 1:24) And after those days his wife Elisabeth conceived, and hid herself five months, saying,  25) Thus Hath The Lord Dealt With me In The Days Wherein He Looked On me, To Take Away my Reproach Among Men.  Genesis 30:23.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v24,  And after those days  The days of his ministration in The Temple, quickly after his return home; the Ethiopic version reads, “after two days”:  his wife Elisabeth conceived;  according to the Angel’s prediction, and notwithstanding her barrenness, and the unbelief of her husband;  and hid herself five months.  The Arabic and Persic versions render it, “hid her size”; but there could be no occasion to take any methods to hide this, since, if she said nothing of it herself, and there could be no suspicion of it (considering) her years, it could not be much discerned in her by such a time; but she hid herself, or lived retired, that she might be fully satisfied that she was with child, before she said any thing about it; and that she might not discover any pride or vanity on account of it; and to avoid all discourse with others about it, which might be rumoured abroad; and chiefly to shun all ceremonial uncleanness, which one, that bred a Nazarite, was obliged to; see ( Judges 13:14 ) and most of all, that she might be retired, and spend her time in Meditation Upon The Goodness Of God, and in Returning Thanks To Him For The Favor she had received; saying; as in the following verse.  v25,  Thus Hath The Lord Dealt with me   In a very Gracious and Bountiful Manner; in giving her strength to conceive a son in her old age, and such an one that was to be great, and so useful in his day; of which her husband had doubtless informed her by writing, though he could not speak:  in the days wherein He Looked On me;  with a Favorable Eye, with a Look Of Love And Mercy:  He Took Away my Reproachfrom among men; as barrenness was accounted, especially among the Israelites, the seed of Abraham; to whom was promised a numerous issue, as the stars in the sky, and as the sand on the sea shore, and particularly The Messiah; see ( Genesis 30:23 ) ( Isaiah 4:1 ) . 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v5-25, The father and mother of John the Baptist were sinners as all are, and were Justified and Saved in the same way as others; but they were Eminent (Distinguished) for Piety ( Reverent) and Integrity (Strong Moral Principles).  They had no children, and it could not be expected that Elisabeth should have any in her old age.  While Zacharias (Zachariah) was burning incense In The Temple, the whole multitude of the people were Praying without.  All the Prayers we offer up to God, Are Acceptable and Successful Only By Christ’s Intercession In The Temple Of God Above.  We cannot expect an Interest Therein if we do not Pray, and Pray (not), with our Spirits, and are not earnest in Prayer.  Nor can we expect that the best of our Prayers Should Gain Acceptance, And Bring An Answer Of peace, But (or, Only) Through The Mediation Of Christ, Who Ever Lives, Making Intercession.  The Prayers Zacharias often made, Received An Answer Of peace.  prayers of Faith Are Filed In Heaven, And Are Not Forgotten.  Prayers made when we were young and entering into the world, may be answered when we are old and going out of the world.  Mercies are doubly Sweet that Are Given In Answer To Prayer.  Zacharias shall have a son in his old age, who shall be Instrumental In The Conversion Of Many Souls To God, and Preparing Them To Receive The Gospel Of Christ.  He Shall Go Before Him (Christ) With Courage, Zeal, Holiness, And A Mind Dead To Earthly Pleasures.  The Disobedient and Rebellious would be brought back to The Wisdom of their Righteous Forefathers, or rather, brought to attend to The Wisdom of That Just One (Christ), Who Was Coming Among Them.  Zacharias heard all that the Angel said; but his Unbelief spake.  In striking him dumb, God Dealt Justly With Him, because he had Objected Against God’s Word.  We May Admire The Patience Of God Towards Us.  Even real Believers are apt to Dishonor God By Unbelief; and their mouths are stopped in silence and confusion, when otherwise they would have been Praising God With Joy And Gratitude.  In God’s Gracious Dealings With Us We Ought To Observe His Gracious Regards To Us.  HE HAS LOOKED ON US WITH COMPASSION AND FAVOR, AND THEREFORE HAS THUS DEALT WITH US.  Amen.   


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