“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 150, “PRAISE YE THE LORD”

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“Alpha and Omega,” Israel & New Breed

“Because Of Who You Are,” Vicki Yohe

“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” Psalm 150:1) PRAISE YE THE LORD, Praise God In His Sanctuary:  Praise Him In The Firmament Of His Power.  2) Praise Him For His Mighty Acts:  Praise Him According To His Excellent Greatness.  3) Praise Him With The Sound Of The Trumpet:  Praise Him With The Psaltery (Lyre) And Harp.  4) Praise Him With The Timbrel and Dance;  Praise Him With Stringed Instruments And Organs.  5) Praise Him Upon The Loud (Clash of) Cymbals:  Praise Him Upon The High Sounding (Resounding) Cymbals.  6) LET EVERY THING THAT HATH BREATH PRAISE THE LORD.  PRAISE YE THE LORD.  Revelation 5;13.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary –  Psalm 150 – A Psalm of Praise, is a development of the Hebrew word Hallelujah, meaning, “PRAISE THE LORD.”  How fitting that this Book of Praises—the meaning of the Name of the Book of Psalms in Hebrew—Ends In Repeated Commands To PRAISE THE LORD. 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1-5, The varied instruments in this section include horns, reeds, strings, and percussion, encompassing many of the instruments known in Israel at that time (33:2, 3; 98:4-6).   v6, Everything That Hath Breath:  The Very Breath That God Gives Us Should Be Used To Praise Him.  By His Breath God Created All Things (33:6), and by our Breath We Should Adore Him.  The Book of Psalms Begins With God’s Blessing On The Righteous (1:1) and concludes with All Of Creation Blessing Its Loving Creator.

Quest Study Bible – v1, “Where should we Praise God?”  The Sanctuary refers to The Temple in Jerusalem, The Basic Center Of Worship.  The Mighty Heavens refer to the sky (or, The Firmament Of His Power).  In essence:  The Message is:  Let Praises To God Be Given Everywhere!  v2, “Why should we Praise God?”  (1) For His Acts Of Power, Referring Primarily To His Act Of Deliverance (20:6), though perhaps also To His Power In Creation (65:6), (2) For His Surpassing Greatness, Meaning We Can Focus Our Adoration On Who God Is.  v3, See “Ten-stringed lyre,”  (144:9).  v3-5, “How Should We Praise God?”   WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE.  GOD IS WORTHY OF THE BEST WE CAN DO IN OUR WORSHIP.  v4, See “How does dancing Honor God?”   (149:3).  v6, “Who should Praise God?”  The poetic expression Everything That Has Breath beautifully summarizes The Variety of Praises That God’s Creation Can Give To Him.  Also see ” How can things Praise God?”  (148:1-10).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – A Psalm of Praise.

    We Are Here Stirred Up To Praise God.  Praise God For His Sanctuary, And The Privileges We Enjoy By Having It Among us; Praise Him Because Of His Power And Glory In The Firmament.  Those who Praise The Lord In Heaven, Behold Displays Of His Of His Power And Glory Which We Cannot Now Conceive.  But The Greatest Of All His Mighty Acts Is Known In His Earthly Sanctuary.  The Holiness And The Love Of Our God Are More Displayed In Man’s Redemption, Than In All His Other Works.  Let Us Praise Our God And Saviour For It.  We do not need to know precisely what instruments of music are mentioned.  By them is meant that In Serving God We Should Spare No Cost Or Pains.  PRAISE GOD WITH STRONG FAITH; Praise Him With Holy Love And Delight; Praise Him With Entire Confidence In Christ, Praise Him With Believing Triumph Over The Powers of Darkness; Praise Him By Universal Respect To All His Commands; Praise Him By Cheerful Submission To All His Providence (His Will In Our Lives); Praise Him By Rejoicing In His Love, And Comforting Ourselves In His Goodness; Praise Him By Promoting The Interests Of The Kingdom Of His Grace; Praise Him By Lively Hope And Expectation Of The Kingdom Of His Glory.  Since we must shortly breathe our last, while we have breath let us Praise The Lord.  PRAISE YE THE LORD.  Such is the very suitable end of a Book inspired by The SPIRIT OF GOD, Written For The Work Of Praise; A Book Which Has Supplied The Songs Of The Church For More Than Three Hundred Years; A Book Which Is Quoted More Frequently Than Any Other By Christ And His Apostles, A Book Which Presents The Loftiest Ideas Of God And His Government, Which Is Fitted To Every State Of Human Life, Which Sets Forth Every State of Religious Experience, AND WHICH BEARS SIMPLE AND CLEAR MARKS Of ITS DIVINE ORIGIN.  Amen.  


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