“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 149, “PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d

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“Holy Is The Lamb,” Trey McLaughlin and Sounds of Zamar (SOZ)

“When The Saints Go Marching In,”  Voicesofinnerpeace88

“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d, Psalm 149:6) Let The High Praises Of God Be In Their Mouth, And A Twoedged Sword In Their Hand;  7) To Execute Vengence Upon the heathen, And Punishments Upon The People;  8) To Bind Their kings With Chains, And Their nobles With Fetters Of Iron;  9) To Execute Upon Them The Judgment Written:  This Honour Have All His Saints, PRAISE YE THE LORD.  Deuteronomy 7:1, 2; Romans 16:20.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – PSALM 149 – An Exuberant Call To Praise God, Was Used By The Army Of Israel As Well As By The People In Their Worship Of God.  

Quest Study Bible – v6-9, The vengeance discussed here was focused on the appropriate target—evil.  The Psalmists understood that evil had to be eradicated if Righteousness Were To Fully Prevail.  So there was no contradiction seen between Praising God and wanting to Avenge His Enemies.  Read about curse language in the article:  (Is it right to Pray for revenge?”  (58:6:8).

“Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v6-9, Some of God’s Servants of old were appointed to Execute Judgment According To His Word.  They did not do it from personal revenge or earthly politics, but in Obedience To God’s Command.  And The Honor Intended For All The Saints Of God, Consists In Their Triumph Over the Enemies Of Their Salvation.  Christ Never Intended His Gospel Should Be Spread By Fire And Sword, Or His Righteousness By The Wrath of man.  But Let The High Praises Of God Be In Our Mouths, While We Wield The Sword Of The Word Of God, With The Shield Of Faith, In Warfare With The World, The Flesh, And The Devil.  The Saints Shall Be More Than Conquerors Over The Enemies Of Their Souls, Through The Blood Of The lamb And The Word Of His Testimony.  The completing of This will be in The Judgment Of The Great Day.  Then shall The Judgment Be Executed.  Behold Jesus, And His Gospel Church, Chiefly In Her Millennial State (The Second Coming).  He And His People Rejoice In Each Other; By Their Prayers And Efforts They Work With Him, While He Goes Forth With The Chariots Of Salvation, Conquering Sinners By Grace, Or With Chariots Of Vengeance, To Destroy His Enemies.  Amen.        


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