“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 148, “PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d

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“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d, Psalm 148:7) Praise Ye The Lord From The Earth, Ye Dragons (Great Sea Creatures), And All Deeps (Ocean Depths):  8) Fire, And Hail; Snow, And Vapours; Stormy Wind Fulfilling His Word:  9) Mountains, And All Hills; Fruitful Trees, And All Cedars:  10) Beasts, And All Cattle; Creeping Things, And Flying Fowl:  11) Kings Of The Earth, And All People; Princes, And All Judges Of The Earth:  Acts 17:28.  12) Both Young men, And Maidens; Old Men, And Children:  13) Let Them Praise The Name Of The Lord:  For His Name Alone Is Excellent; His Glory Is Above The Earth And Heaven.  14) He Also Exalteth The Horn Of His People, The Praise Of All His Saints; Even Of The Children Of Israel, A People Near Unto Him.  PRAISE YE THE LORD.  Ephesians 2:17.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – Psalm 148 – Is A Complex Psalm.  Because of It’s many references to the Creation, It can be labeled A Wisdom Psalm, and more particularly A Creation Psalm (Psalm 19:104).  It is also highly charged with Praise.  Like Psalm 19, This Psalm Moves From The Heavens To The Human Heart.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v14, He Also Exalteth The Horn Of His People  Which is done when He Increases their strength, their Spiritual Strength especially; makes them strong in The Lord, in His Grace, and in The Power Of His Might; when their dominion and authority is enlarged, and victory given over all their enemies; particularly when the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to them, and when they shall Reign With Christ On Earth; for this phrase denotes the Honourable as well as the Safe State of The People Of God; The Horn Being An Emblem Of Power, Authority, And Dominion, The Glory Of His People; see           ( Psalms 75:10 ) . Some interpret this Of Christ The Horn Of David, The Horn Of Salvation, And The Author Of It, ( Psalms 132:17 )      ( Luke 1:69 ) ; (Christ) Who is King over His People, as a Horn Signifies; and is The Strength, Safety, and Security of them; Has Gotten Them The Victory over all their enemies, And Is Now Exalted In Heaven At The Right Hand Of God, And That “For His People” F7, as it may be rendered; He Is Both Raised Up And Exalted For Them;  The Praise Of All His Saints;  That Is, The Lord Is The Object Of The Praise Of All His Saints, To Whom He Has Showed Favour And Kindness, And On Whom He Has Bestowed The Blessings Of His Grace; it is Matter of Praise that they are Saints, Set Apart By God The Father, Sanctified By The Blood Of Christ, and By The Spirit Of God; and that Their Horn Is Exalted, or They Raised To Dignity and Honour; and That Christ Is Raised And Lifted Up As An Horn For Them, ( 1 Corinthians 1:30 1 Corinthians 1:31 ) ( Revelation 1:5 Revelation 1:6 ) ( Luke 1:68 Luke 1:69 ) ;  [even] of the children of Israel;  not literal but Spiritual Israel, such who are Israelites indeed, whether Jews or Gentiles;  a people near unto Him;  in respect of union, being One With Him, in the Bond of Everlasting Love; in Respect of Relation, being Near Akin, He Their Father, They His Children, not by Creation only, but by Adopting Grace; and Christ Their Near Kinsman, nay, their Father, Brother, Head, and Husband; in Respect Of Access Unto Him, Which They Have Through Christ, with Boldness and Confidence, Being Made Nigh and Brought Near By The Blood of Christ; in Respect of Communion and The Enjoyment Of His Gracious Presence; and In Respect Of Inhabitation, God, Father, Son, and Spirit, Dwelling in them, and Making their abode with Them: that is, Of Christ, Who Is Near To God His Father, Is One With Him, Was With Him From Everlasting, Drew Nigh To Him As The Surety Of His People, And Offered Himself A Sacrifice To Him As Their Priest, And Now Is Set Down At His Right Hand As Their King; is their Advocate, and Ever Lives To Intercede For Them;  Praise Ye The Lord:  even all creatures, Especially His Saints, His People, the children of Israel, the last spoken of.  Amen.

Quest Study Bible – “How can things Praise God?”  This is poetic language.  The heavens (sun, moon, stars) are personified to paint a picture of God’s Control Over All Creation.  Though only human’s consciously and verbally express their Praise To God (v. 14), the rest of Creation Gives Its Praise To God By Being What He Has Made It To Be–-For He Commanded And They Were Created (v. 5).  Also see “Why describe inanimate objects as Rejoicing?” (96:11-13).  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v7-14, Even in this world, dark and bad as it is, God Is Praised.  The powers of nature, be they ever so strong, so stormy, Do What God Appoints Them, and no more.  Those that rebel against God’s Word show themselves to be more violent than even the stormy winds, yet they fulfill It (God’s Will).  View the surface of the earth, mountains and all hills, from the barren tops of some, and the fruitful tops of others, we may fetch matter (God’s Creation) For Praise.  And assuredly creatures which have the powers of reason, ought to Employ Themselves In Praising God.  LET ALL MANNER OF PERSONS PRAISE GOD.  Those of every rank, high and low.  Let Us Show That We Are His Saints By Praising His Name Continually.  He Is Not Only Our Creator, But Our Redeemer; Who Made Us A People Near Unto Him.  We may by “The Horn Of His People” Understand Christ, Whom God Has Exalted To Be A Prince And A Saviour, Who Is Indeed The Defense And The Praise Of All His Saints, And Will Be So For Ever.  In Redemption, Their Unspeakable Glory Is Displayed, Which Forms The Source Of All Our Hopes And Joys.  MAY THE LORD PARDON US, And Teach Our hearts To LOVE HIM More And Praise Him Better. 


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