“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 147, “PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d

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“I Give Myself Away,” William McDowell

“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d, Psalm 147:12) Praise The Lord, O Jerusalem; Praise Thy God, O Zion.  13) For He Hath Strengthened The Bars Of Thy Gates; He Hath Blessed Thy Children Within Thee.  14) He Maketh Peace In Thy Borders, And Filleth Thee With The Finest Of The Wheat.  15) He Sendeth Forth His Commandment Upon Earth:  His Word Runneth Very Swiftly.  Job 37;12.  16) He Giveth Snow Like Wool:  He Scattereth The Hoarfrost (Frozen Water) Like Ashes.  17) He Casteth Forth His Ice like Morsels:  Who Can Stand Before His Cold?  18) He Sendeth Out His Word, And Melteth Them:  He Causeth His Wind To Blow, And The Waters Flow.  19) He Sheweth His Word Unto Jacob, His Statues And His Judgments Unto Israel.  Romans 3:2.  20) He Hath Not Dealt So With Any Nation:  And As For His Judgments, They Have Not Known Them.  PRAISE YE THE LORD.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – Psalm 147 – A Psalm of Descriptive Praise, places a strong emphasis on Creation Themes.  This anonymous poem was likely written following the return of the Jewish People to Jerusalem from Babylon captivity (also Psalm 126; 132; 135). 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v12-20, The Church Like Jerusalem Of Old, Built Up And Preserved By The Wisdom, Power, And Goodness Of God, Is Exhorted (Encouraged) To Praise Him For All The Benefits And Blessings Vouchsafed (Given) To Her; And These Are Represented By His Favors In The Course Of Nature.  The Thawing Word May Represent The Gospel Of Christ, And The Thawing Wind The Spirit Of Christ; For The Spirit Is Compared To The Wind, John 3:8.  Converting Grace Softens The Heart That Was Hard Frozen, And Melts It Into Tears Of Repentance, And Makes Good Reflections To Flow, Which Before Were Chilled and Stopped Up. The Change Which The Thaw Makes Is Very Evident, Yet How It Is Done No One Can Say.  Such Is The Change Wrought  (Through Christ And The Cross) In The Conversion Of A Soul, When God’s Word And Spirit Are Sent To Melt It And Restore It To Itself.  Amen.

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v20, He Hath Not Dealt So With Any Nation Or “every nation” {b}; or all the nations under the Heavens; only with the Jewish nation: these only for many hundreds of years were favored with The Divine Revelation, with The Word and Ordinances (Decrees and Laws) of God; with the Law, and with The Gospel, and with the Service and Worship of God; as well as with Promises and Prophecies of Christ, and Good Things To Come By Him. These were not communicated to anyone nation or body of people besides them; only now and then, to one here and there among the Gentiles: The Gospel Was First Preached to them at The Coming of Christ, and after them to the Gentiles, when rejected by them;  and [as for His] Judgments, they have not known them;  by which are meant, not the Providential Dispensations (The Method of How God Brings About His Purposes For Man) of God, Which Are Unsearchable, and past finding out, till made Manifest (Evident, Obvious); nor punishments inflicted on wicked men, unobserved by them; but The Word Of God, and The Ordinances of It, which the Gentile world for many ages were unacquainted with; see ( Psalms 19:9 ) ;  Praise Ye The Lord:  as literal Israel had reason to do, for those distinguishing instances of His Favor and Goodness; and as The Spiritual Israel of God everywhere have; and particularly our British ones, who are highly favored with the Privileges of having The Word of God Purely and Powerfully Preached, and His Ordinances Truly and Duly Administered; at least in some parts of it, and that more than in any other nation under the Heavens. (other than Israel).


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