“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 146, “PRAISE YE THE LORD”

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“Holy Is The Lamb,” Trey McLaughlin and SOZ

“For Your Glory,” Trey McLaughlin

“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” Psalm 146:1) Praise Ye The Lord, Praise The Lord, O My Soul.  2) While I Live Will I Praise The Lord:  I Will Sing Praises Unto My God While I Have Any Being.  3) Put not your Trust in princes, nor in the son of man (mortal men), in whom there is no help.  4) His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.  5) Happy is he That Hath The God of Jacob for his Help, whose Hope Is In The Lord His God.

 John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v1,  Praise Ye The Lord  Or, “Hallelujah”; which, in the Greek and Vulgate Latin versions, is the title of the Psalm; but is rather the beginning of it; and is an exhortation to men, especially to the Saints, to Praise The Lord, The Lord Christ, The Lord of the world, Who Has Created It and Upholds It; The Lord Of Lords, David’s Lord; and The Lord of all His People, by Creation, Redemption, and Grace; and From Whom they receive all Blessings and Mercies, Temporal and Spiritual, and are therefore under the highest obligations To Praise Him;  Praise The Lord, O my soul;  the psalmist does not put upon others that he does not choose to do himself; but, as the sweet psalmist of Israel, and Prophet of The Church, leads the way and sets and example; and not only strikes his harp and psaltery, and with his tongue, mouth, and lips, shows forth The Praise of The Lord; but engages his heart, his soul, in this work; which, as it was capable of it, so Most Agreeable To The Lord, Who Requires The Heart In His Service, and To Be Worshiped In Spirit and In Truth: and this being the better and more noble part of man, making melody in it to The Lord, and engaging all the powers and faculties of it in such an employment, Must Be Acceptable To Him.  v2, While I live will I Praise The Lord  As he had good reason to do, since he had his life from Him, and was upheld in it by Him; who also favoured him with the Mercies and Comforts of Life; and That Every Day, being Renewed to him every morning, and continued all the days of his life; which determined him throughout the whole of it To Praise The Lord: nay, he had his Spiritual Life From Him, with all The Blessings Of It; Which Are Lasting, Everlasting Ones, and had Hope Of Eternal Life With Him; I will sing Praises unto my God while I have any being;  or “while I am” {l}; not only in this world, but in The World To Come; for men have a being or existence after death, and the Saints have a most comfortable and happy one then; and will be more capable of Singing Praises To Their Incarnate God, And Which Will Be Their Work To All Eternity; see  ( Psalms 104:33 ) .  v3,  Put not your trust in princes  Not in foreign princes, in alliances and confederacies with them; nor in any at home. David did not desire his people to put their trust in him, nor in his nobles and courtiers; but in The Lord Christ, Who, As He Is The Object Of Praise, Is Also The Proper Object Of Trust. Princes, though ever so liberal and bountiful, as their name signifies, and therefore called benefactors, ( Luke 22:25 ) or ever so mighty and powerful, wise and prudent, yet are not to be depended upon; they are changeable, fickle, and inconstant; and oftentimes not faithful to their word, but fallacious and deceitful; “men of high degree are a lie”,         ( Psalms 62:9 ) ; Wherefore It Is Better To Trust In The Lord Jehovah, In Whom Is Everlasting Strength; Who Gives All Things Richly To Enjoy; Who Is Unchangeable, And Ever Abides Faithful; see ( Psalms 118:8 Psalms 118:9 ) ; [nor] in the son of man (mortal men), in whom [there is] no help;  or “Salvation” {m}: not in any mere man born of a woman; not in Abraham, the father of the faithful, of whom the Jews boasted, as the Midrash; nor in Moses, as Arama; nor in Cyrus, as R. Obadiah; no, nor in David himself, nor in any of the princes; for how great soever they look, or in whatsoever honor and esteem they may be, they are but sons of men; are frail mortal men, and die like men, though they may be called gods, as they are by office: but no man or son of man, let him be what he will, is to be trusted in; there is a curse on him that does it, ( Jeremiah 17:5) . There is indeed a Son of man that is to be Trusted In, The Lord Jesus Christ; But Then He Is God As Well As Man, The True God, The Great God, God Over All, Blessed For Ever; Were He Not, He Would Not Be The Proper Object Of Trust, for there is no “help” or “Salvation” in a mere creature; even kings and princes cannot help and save themselves oftentimes, and much less their people; their Salvation Is Of God, and not from themselves, or from their armies, ( Psalms 33:16 ) ( 144:10 )       ( Proverbs 21:31 ) . There Is Help In Christ, On Whom It Is Laid, And Where It (Help) Is Found; There Is Salvation In Him, But In No Other; He Is The Author And Giver Of It (Salvation), And Therefore He, And Not Another, Is To Be Trusted In.  v4,  His breath goeth forth  That is, the breath of a son of man (mortal men), of any and everyone of the princes; it goes forth continually, and is drawn in again as long as a man lives; but at death it goes forth, and returns no more till The Resurrection: The Breath Which The Lord Breathed Into Man, and which is in his nostrils while he lives, and is very precarious. And when it is taken away, he dies, and he returneth to his earth; from whence he was taken, and of which he was made; upon which he lived, where he dwelt, and in which he took delight and pleasure, minding earth and earthly things, and which is now all he has; who, though he may have had many large estates and possessions, nay, have ruled over many kingdoms and countries, yet his property of earth is now no more than the length and breadth of a grave; he returns to earth as soon as he dies, becoming a lump of clay; and particularly when he is interred in it, and when by corruption and worms he is turned into it; in that very day his thoughts perish;  in the day, hour, and moment he dies: not that the soul ceases, or ceases to think at death; It Is Immortal, And Dies Not; and, as it exists in a separate state after death, it retains all its powers and faculties, and, among the rest, its power of thinking; which it is capable of exercising, and does, as appears from the case of the souls under The Altar, ( Revelation 6:9 ) . But the meaning is, that at death all the purposes and designs of men are at an end; all their projects and schemes, which they had formed, and were pursuing, now come to nothing; whether to do good to others, or to aggrandize themselves and families; and therefore such mortal creatures are not to be depended upon, since all their promises may fail; nay, even their good designs may be frustrated; see ( Job 17:12).  v5, Happy [is he] that [hath] The God of Jacob for his help  The God of the patriarch Jacob, The Messiah, Who Is That God That Fed him all his life, the Angel That Redeemed him from all evil (The Angel Of Jehovah’s Presence), with Whom in the form of a man he wrestled, when he had power over God, and saw Him Face to Face; The God of The Posterity of Jacob, the Angel of Jehovah’s Presence, Who Went Before them by day and night in the wilderness, and Saved and Carried them all the days of old; The God of Spiritual Jacob, or Israel, The Church of The Chosen, Redeemed, and Called Ones; The God of every Israelite indeed, of Every True Believer, as He was Thomas’s Lord and God: now Happy Is That Man That Has Him (God Through His Son) For His Help, Who Helps His Servant Israel, All His People out of the sad estate of Sin and Misery into which they are brought; helps them to all The Blessings Of Grace, and to all the Supplies Of It In Their Time Of Need; Helps them under all their infirmities, temptations, and afflictions; Helps them in all their way to Heaven, and Against every enemy of their souls; and at last Helps them to Everlasting Glory and Happiness; whose Hope [is] In The Lord His God;   In Immanuel, God With Us, God Manifest In The Flesh; Christ The Hope of Israel, and The Saviour Thereof; Who Is Our Hope, And In All His People The Hope Of Glory; not only The Author and Giver of The Grace of Hope, but The Object, Ground, and Foundation of It (Hope): now Happy is that man whose Hope Alone Is In Him; who Hopes For Salvation, Pardon, Righteousness, and Eternal Life, Through Him, And Him Only; such are Safe and Secure, who, as prisoners of Hope, turn to Him Their Strong Hold; those shall want no good thing (or, be in need of any Good Thing) that Hope and Trust In Him; they have Peace Now Through His Blood And Righteousness, And Shall Be Saved With An Everlasting Salvation; see ( Jeremiah 17:7Jeremiah 17:8 ) .



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