“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 146, “PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d

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“PRAISE YE THE LORD,” cont’d, Psalm 146:6) Which Made Heaven, And Earth, The Sea, And All That Therein Is:  Which Keepeth Truth For Ever:   7) Which Executeth Judgment For The Oppressed:  Which Giveth Food To The Hungry.   The Lord Looseth The Prisoners:  8) The Lord Openeth The Eyes Of The Blind:  The Lord Raiseth Them That Are Bowed Down:  The Lord Loveth The Righteous.  9) The Lord Preserveth The Strangers; He Relieveth The Fatherless And Widow; but the way of the wicked He Turneth Upside Down.  10) The Lord Shall Reign For Ever, Even Thy God, O Zion, Unto All Generations.  PRAISE YE THE LORD.  

John Exposition Of The Bible –  v6, Which made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that therein [is]  This and the following verses are a description of that Divine Person, Even Christ, Who Is The Help and Hope Of His People; and Every Character Of Him Is A Reason For Faith And Hope In Him; All Things Are Made by Him, Which Are In The Whole Compass Of Creation, The Heaven, Earth, and Sea, and all in them; the fowls of the airy heaven; the sun, moon, and stars, the hosts of the starry heavens; and the Angels, The Inhabitants Of The Third Heaven; the beasts of the field, and cattle of a thousand hills; and man, the chief of God’s Works on earth; and the innumerable fishes of the sea, great and small; and He That Made All These, What Is It He Cannot Do? He Must Be The Mighty God, And A Mighty Saviour, and The Proper Object Of Trust And Hope; see        ( John 1:1-3 ) ( Colossians 1:16 ) ( Hebrews 1:2Hebrews 1:10 ) ; Which Keepeth Truth For Ever;  The Truth Of Doctrine, Who As Mediator Is Full Of It, And By Whom It Came; and, As The Prophet Of The Church, Concealed It Not, From The Great Congregation, The Law of Truth Being In His Lips, The Truth Of The Promises, Which Are All Yea and Amen In Him; Every Promise Being Made To Him (By The Father), And Being In Him, As The Promise of Eternal Life, With All Others, Which Are Safely Kept By Him, and He Will See Them Performed; The Truth Of All His Engagements With His Father, as The Surety of His People; To Take Their Nature, Obey, Suffer, And Die For Them, Which He Has Truly and Punctually Made Good, Being Faithful To Him That Appointed Him; and The Truth Of All His Sayings, Concerning His Presence With His Church and Ministers Unto The End Of The World, And Of Whatsoever Should Befall Them, From His Resurrection And Ascension To His Second Coming.  v7, Which Executeth Judgment for the oppressed  All Judgment Being Committed To Christ As Mediator, He Executes It On The Behalf of His Oppressed Ones, and Breaks In Pieces Their Oppressors; being oppressed with sin, and lying under the power of it, He (Christ) Condemned It In His Flesh, Wrought Out A Righteousness To Justify From It, And Redeemed Them From All Their Iniquities; being oppressed by Satan, and led captive by him, He (Christ) Took Them and Led Captivity Captive; and, when oppressed by the world, He Is On Their Side And Takes Their Part, And Thoroughly Pleads Their Cause, And Suffers No Weapon Formed Against Them To Prosper; And Will Before Long Destroy antichrist and his followers, And Bring Down His Judgments On Them, especially at The Last Judgment, He,The Righteous Judge, Will Render Tribulation to them that have troubled His People, and Set The Crown of Righteousness on their heads; see ( Psalms 10:18 ) ( 72:4 ) ; Which Giveth food to the hungry:  in a literal sense He gave manna and quails to the hungry Israelites in the wilderness, Fed five thousand with five loaves and two small fishes, and four thousand with seven loaves and a few fishes, when here on earth; and in a Spiritual Sense, to such as are in a starving and famishing condition, and hunger and thirst after Righteousness, He Gives Himself, The Bread of Life, and His Grace, The Water Of Life; He gives them to eat of The Hidden Manna, and of The Tree Of Life; He Gives Them His Word, His Gospel, which is Milk for babes and Meat for strong men; He gives them His Ordinances, which are a Feast of Fat Things, and so He Fills and Satisfies their hungry souls; The Lord looseth the prisoners:  such as were bound by diseases and infirmities of body, He Loosed In The Days Of His Flesh Here; and some that were held with the cords of death He Raised From The Dead, ( Luke 13:11 Luke 13:12 ) ( Matthew 11:5 ) ; and His People, who are in a spiritual sense prisoners of sin, Satan, and the Law, being shut up and held under by them, He Proclaims Liberty to them, and the opening the prison to them that are bound; He opens the prison doors, and Says to the prisoners, Go forth; ( Isaiah 61:1 ) ( 49:9 ) ; yea, all the prisoners in the grave He will loose at the Last Day; He has the key of hell and death, and Will Open those prisons and set them free; they shall come forth, some to the Resurrection of Life, and others to the Resurrection of damnation.  v8, The Lord Openeth [the eyes of] the blind  Who are corporeally blind; the eyes of many such were opened by Christ when here on earth, and one who was born blind; and such who are Spiritually blind as to any Knowledge of Divine things, of God in Christ, of the Way of life and Salvation by Christ, of the Spirit and His Operations, of their state and condition by nature, or of the things of The Gospel; the eyes of many such,  He Opens so as to see their sin and danger, their want of Righteousness, and Need of Christ, and Salvation by Him; this is usually done by means of the Ministry of The Word, which is as an eye salve; but The Work Is Christ’s, and a Work of Almighty Power It Is; see ( Isaiah 35:4 Isaiah 35:5 ) ; The Lord Raiseth [them that are] bowed down;  as He did in a literal sense the poor woman that was bowed together, ( Luke 13:11 Luke 13:12 ) , and as He does in a Spiritual Sense such as are heavy laden with sin, and pressed with the burden of it; that are depressed with Satan’s temptations, and labor under sore afflictions and exercises; all which He Supports His People Under, and Delivers them out of; and Cheers and Refreshes their souls with discoveries of His Love and Grace unto them; see ( Psalms 145:14 ) ; The Lord Loveth The Righteous;  not self-righteous persons; these are not loved by God The Father; nor by Christ, Who came not to Call them to Repentance; nor by the Spirit, Who Reproves and Convinces men of self-righteousness; nor by Angels, Who rejoice at one sinner that Repents more than over ninety and nine just persons who in their own opinion need no Repentance: but such who are Righteous through Christ’s Righteousness Imputed to them, and there are none Righteous in any other way; and these Christ Loves, not for any Righteousness in them, or done by them; nor does His Love Flow From His Own Righteousness upon them, For He Loved Them From All Eternity; and His Engaging and Undertaking To Work Out A Righteousness For Them, and the Bringing in of that Righteousness, were the Fruits and Effects of His Love to them, and Evidences of It; He Suffered For Them when they were in themselves unjust; He Died For Them when sinners, ungodly, and enemies; nevertheless, as they are Clothed with His Perfect Righteousness, and are Introduced Unto Him and Presented Before Him in this Raiment of needle work, this Clothing of Wrought Gold, this Fine Linen Clean and White; He Takes Delight and Pleasure in them, and they appear A Glorious Church, without Spot or Wrinkle, or any such thing.  v9, The Lord Preserveth the strangers  The life of them, as He did the daughter of: the Greek, a Syrophenician woman, and a Samaritan, by Healing them of their diseases, ( Mark 7:26-29 ) ( Luke 17:16-18 ) ; and in a Spiritual Sense He Preserves the Lives and Saves the Souls of His People among the Gentiles, who are aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to The Covenant of Promise; for these He Laid Down His Life A Ransom, and Became The Propitiation (An Atoning Sacrifice) for their sins; to these He Sends His Gospel, which is The Power of God to Salvation unto them; He Relieveth the fatherless and widow; in their distresses and troubles, who have no helper; a Wonderful instance of his relieving a widow, in the most disconsolate circumstances, we have in Raising the widow of Nain’s son to life, and Restoring him to his mother, ( Luke 7:12-15 ) ; In Him “the fatherless”, and all that in a Spiritual Sense are Destitute of help in the creatures, and see they are so, “Find Mercy”; nor will He Leave His People Comfortless, or as orphans and fatherless ones, but Will and Does Come and Visit them, Relieve and Supply them with Everything Convenient for them; though His Church here on earth may seem to be as a widow, He Being In Heaven At The Right Hand Of God, yet He Cares For Her in the wilderness, and Provides For Her Support, where She Is Nourished with The Word and Ordinances, and Will Be Until He Comes Again; see ( Hosea 14:3 ) ( John 14:18 ) ( Revelation 12:14 ) ; but the way of the wicked He Turneth upside down;  so that they cannot find it; nor their hands perform their enterprise; their schemes and counsels are all confounded and blasted by Him, and all their policy and power are not able to prevail against His Church and People; see ( Psalms 1:6 ) .  v10, The Lord Shall Reign For Ever  The Messiah, Who Is King of kings and Lord of lords; and in this He Is Superior to, them, they reign but for a while, but He For Evermore; The Throne of Majesty and Glory On Which He Sits Is For Ever and Ever; His Kingdom Is An Everlasting Kingdom; of His Government, and the Peace of It, There Will Be No End; He Is King of Saints Now, and Reigns in their Hearts, and in His Church(es), and in the World; and He Will Reign With His People, and they with Him, a thousand years on earth; and then they will reign Together To All Eternity; see ( Psalms 14:6 ) ( Isaiah 9:7 ) ( Daniel 2:44 ) . (It is said) “He shall confirm His Kingdom in The Redemption or (And) Salvation of His Children;”  and of the latter, “it shall be said He Is King Over All, After He Has Executed Judgment On The Wicked In The Valley Of Jehoshaphat;”  [even] thy God, O Zion, unto, all generations;  He Who is Zion’s God is Zion’s King, Head over all things to The Church; and this is Her (The Church’s) Joy and Comfort In Every Age, that Her God and Her King Reigns, and Will Reign For Evermore; and especially in a Glorious Manner in the latter day; see ( Isaiah 52:7 ) ; and as all this is a Solid Ground and Foundation Of Truth In The Lord, and Serves to Encourage Saints to make Him Their Help and Hope; and shows how Happy they are That Have Him As Such; so it is (a) Matter of Praise and Thanksgiving: hence it follows, Praise Ye The Lord; or “Hallelujah”; and so the Psalm ends as It began.  Amen.


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