“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 33, “Distress and Help,” IV

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“Blessed Assurance,”  Shirley Ceasar

“Distress and Help,” lV, Isaiah 33:20) Look Upon Zion, the city of our solemnities:  thine eyes shall see Jerusalem a quiet habitation, A Tabernacle That Shall Not Be Taken Down, Not One Of The Stakes Thereof Shall Ever Be Removed, Neither Shall Any Of The Cords Thereof Be Broken.  21) But There The Glorified Lord Will Be Unto Us A Place Of Broad Rivers and Streams; Wherein Shall Go No Galley With Oars, Neither Shall Gallant Ship Pass Thereby.  Zechariah 2:5.  22) For The Lord Is Our Judge, The Lord Is Our Lawgiver, The Lord Is Our King; He Will Save Us.  Matthew 21:5.  23) Thy tacklings (riggings) are loosed; they could not well strengthen their mast, they could not spread the sail:  then is the prey of a great spoil divided; the lame take the prey (then an abundance of spoils will be divided and even the lame will carry off plunder, NIV).  24) And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick:  the people that dwell therein (Zion) Shall Be Forgiven Their Iniquity.  Romans 11:27. 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v20, The Feasts were celebrated from the heart (30:29), and not perfunctorily (29:1).  Not Be Taken Down implies that the exile is over.  Judah’s Immediate Salvation merges with It’s Ultimate Deliverance.   v21, Judah would be protected figuratively by broad rivers, like those at Tyre (23:1-3) and Thebes (Nahum 3:8).  However, no intimidating ship would be on the rivers, Because God Himself Would Defend Judah.  v22, 23,  Note That The Law Giver Is Associated With Other Acts Of Mercy.  v24, Sickness and sin will be Removed In The Coming Kingdom Of The Glorious Savior.

Quest Study Bible – v20-24, “What is this Vision?”  Isaiah painted a wonderful picture of a New Jerusalem with a Peace-Filled Future, Speaking Of Both Spiritual And Material Blessings To Come.  In contrast to the Impending Judgment and Destruction (vv. 7-9), God’s Holy City Would Be Safe And Secure In The Coming Messianic Age.  It Would Be Restored Again As A Peaceful Place For Religious Feasts.  Knowing their city would one day be like a Tent That Will Not Be Moved (v. 20) must have comforted people who were threatened with being uprooted.  Though Jerusalem wasn’t protected by broad rivers and streams (v. 21), it would then be as safe as if it were.   Wide rivers, shallow and slow, made cities unreachable by deeper sailing war ships.  Their waters also helped protect from land attack from one or more sides.  God Would Be More Than Protector; He Would also Govern The City As A Judge, Lawgiver And King (v. 22).  Verse 23 seems to be parenthetical (relating to).  Isaiah contrasts the future security and the present danger.  What was to come did not change the reality of the people’s sin.  Their Rebellion Against God had left them vulnerable to the enemy.  But verse 24 shifts again to the future where sin and sickness would be removed.  For New Testament Prophecies About The New Jerusalem, see Hebrews 12:22;  Revelation 3:12; 21:1-5. 

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v15-24,  The True Believer watches against all occasions of sin.  The Divine Power Will keep him Safe, and his Faith In That Power Will Keep him Easy.  He shall want nothing needful for him.  Every Blessing Of Salvation Is Freely Bestowed On All That Ask With Humble, Believing Prayer; And The Believer Is Safe In Time And For Ever.  Those that walk Uprightly shall not only have bread given, and their water sure, but they shall By Faith, See  The King of Kings In His Beauty, The Beauty Of Holiness.  The remembrance of the terror they were in, shall add to the Pleasure of their Deliverance.  It is desirable to be quiet in our own houses, But Much More So To Be Quiet In God’s House; And In Every Age Christ Will Have A Seed To Serve Him.  Jerusalem had no large river running by it, But The Presence And Power Of God Make Up All Wants.  We Have All In God, All We Need Or Can Desire.  By Faith We Take Christ For Our Prince And Saviour; He Reigns Over His Redeemed People. All That Refuse To Have Him To Reign Over Them, Make Shipwreck Of Their Souls.  Sickness Is Taken Away In Mercy, When The Fruit Of It Is The Taking Away Of Sin.  If Iniquity Be Taken Away, We Have little Reason To Complain Of Outward Affliction.  This Last Verse leads our thoughts, not only to The Most Glorious State Of The Gospel Church On Earth, But To Heaven, Where No Sickness Or Trouble Can Enter.  HE THAT BLOTTETH OUT OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, WILL HEAL OUR SOULS.  Amen.      


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