“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 33, “Distress and Help,” III

Christian Living

“Blessed Assurance,”  Shirley Caesar 

“Distress and Help,” lll, Isaiah 33:15) He that Walketh Righteously, and Speaketh Uprightly, he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;  16) He shall dwell On High:  his place of defence shall be the Munitions of Rocks:  Bread shall be given him; his Waters shall be sure.  17) Thine eyes shall see The King In His Beauty:  they shall Behold The Land That Is Very Far Off.  18) Thine heart shall meditate terror (in your thoughts).  Where is the scribe?  where is the receiver (of revenue)?  where is he that counted the towers?  19) Thou shalt not see a fierce people (any longer), a people of a deeper speech than thou canst perceive; of a stammering tongue, that thou canst not understand.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v15, 16, Who stops … shuts:   These words do not advocate ignoring social evil, but refusing to take part in it.  v17, The King is The Lord (v. 22).  v18, The scribe … who weighs refers to those who took the tribute (2 Kings 18:14).  v19, stammering tongue:   For a similar idea about Israel’s enemies, see Deuteronomy 28:49.  

Quest Study Bible – v15, 16, “How would the innocent in Jerusalem escape It’s Judgment?”  Those who live Righteously Dwell On The Heights, A Symbol Of The Security Found Only In God.  While sinners in Zion are Terrified (v. 14) The Righteous Enjoy Refuge.  This may have meant primarily a Spiritual Sort Of Security, since the atrocities of war inevitably cause innocents to suffer.   v17-19, “Does this describe the end of foreign domination over Israel?”  Isaiah seems to be describing The Future Messianic Age When God’s People Will Be Safe At Last.  The King Refers To The Messiah, or Possibly To God Himself.  Even though The Ultimate Fulfillment Of This Prophecy Was Many Years Away, It Must Have Provided Great Comfort to those facing the immediate threat posed by Assyria.  THE CLEAR MESSAGE WAS THAT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v15-24,  The True Believer watches against all occasions of sin.  The Divine Power Will keep him Safe, and his Faith In That Power Will Keep him Easy.  He shall want nothing needful for him.  Every Blessing Of Salvation Is Freely Bestowed On All That Ask With Humble, Believing Prayer; And The Believer Is Safe In Time And For Ever.  Those that walk Uprightly shall not only have bread given, and their water sure, but they shall By Faith, See  The King of Kings In His Beauty, The Beauty Of Holiness.  The remembrance of the terror they were in, shall add to the Pleasure of their Deliverance.  It is desirable to be quiet in our own houses, But Much More So To Be Quiet In God’s House; And In Every Age Christ Will Have A Seed To Serve Him.  Jerusalem had no large river running by it, But The Presence And Power Of God Make Up All Wants.  We Have All In God, All We Need Or Can Desire.  By Faith We Take Christ For Our Prince And Saviour; He Reigns Over His Redeemed People. All That Refuse To Have Him To Reign Over Them, Make Shipwreck Of Their Souls.  Sickness Is Taken Away In Mercy, When The Fruit Of It Is The Taking Away Of Sin.  If Iniquity Be Taken Away, We Have little Reason To Complain Of Outward Affliction.  This Last Verse leads our thoughts, not only to The Most Glorious State Of The Gospel Church On Earth, But To Heaven, Where No Sickness Or Trouble Can Enter.  HE THAT BLOTTETH OUT OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, WILL HEAL OUR SOULS.  Amen.      


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