“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 103, “Bless The Lord, O My Soul,” A Psalm of David

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“I Will Follow You,” Toulouse

“I Will Follow Him,”  Sister Act

Psalm 103, a Wisdom Psalm attributed to David, is also a Psalm of Praise.  The Poem begins with the psalmist speaking in the singular (v. 1), but then moves to include the community, both Angels and people (vv. 20-22).

“Bless The Lord, O My Soul,” Psalm 103:1) Bless The Lord, O My Soul:  And All That Is Within Me, bless His Holy Name.  2) Bless The Lord, O My Soul, And Forget Not All His Benefits.  3) Who Forgiveth All Thine Iniquities; Who Healeth All Thy Diseases;  Exodus 15:26; Jeremiah 17:14.  4) Who Redeemeth Thy Life From Destruction; Who Crowneth Thee With lovingkindness And Tender mercies;  5) Who Satisfieth thy mouth With Good Things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles’s.

Quest Study Bible – v3, “Does God Guarantee Healing From Any Disease?”    There are several different opinions.  Some say That God Promises Healiing Unequivocally, with the cure dependent often only upon The Strength Of Our Faith.  Others believe that in some cases physical healing May Not Always Be God’s First Priority.  Sometimes physical sickness and suffering may, in fact, Accomplish God’s Greater Good.— A Spiritual Healing, perhaps.  The Apostle Paul, for one, speaks of an affliction That God Chose Not To Heal (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).  v5  “What desires does God Satisfy?”    Desires That Are Rooted In What Pleases Him.  We cannot expect God To Answer Prayers For Sinful Or Selfish Desires (James 4:3).  See “Does God Give Us Anything We Desire?” (37:4).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-5, By The Pardon Of Sin, We Are Restored To The Favor of God, Who Bestows Good Things On Us.  Think of the provocation (sin); it was sin, and yet pardoned;  how many the provocations, Yet All Pardoned!  GOD IS STILL FORGIVING, as we are still sinning and Repenting.  The body finds the melancholy consequences of Adam’s offense, it is subject to many infirmities, and the soul also.  Christ Alone Forgives All Our Sins; It Is He Alone That Heals All Our Infirmities.  And The Person Who Finds His Sin Cured, Has A Well-Grounded Assurance That It Is Forgiven.  When God, By The Graces And Comforts Of His Spirit, Recovers His People From Their Decays, And Fills Them With New Life And Joy, Which Is To Them An Earnest (Serious and Sincere Promise) Of Eternal Life And Joy, They May Then Be Said To Return To The Days Of Their Youth, Job 33;25.    


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