“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 30, “Woe To The Obstinate Nation,” IV

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christian cross: Illustration of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. A bleeding heart with flames, pierced by a lance wound with crown of thorns and cross. Illustration

“Hosanna,” Israel Houghton

“Woe To The Obstinate Nation,” lV, Isaiah 30: 27) Behold, The Name Of The Lord Cometh From Far; Burning With His Anger, And The Burden Thereof Is Heavy:  His Lips Are Full Of Indignation, And His Tongue As A devouring Fire:  28) And His Breath, As An Overflowing Stream, Shall Reach To The Midst Of The Neck, To Sift The Nations With The Sieve Of Vanity:  And There Shall Be A Bridle In The Jaws Of The People, Causing Them To Err.  2 Thessalonians 2:8.  29) Ye shall have a Song, as in the night when a Holy Solemnity (Festival) Is Kept; and Gladness of Heart, as when one goeth with a pipe (flute) to Come Into The Mountain Of The Lord, To The Mighty One Of Israel.   30) And The Lord Shall Cause His Glorious Voice To Be Heard, And Shall Shew The Lighting (Coming) Down Of His Arm, With The Indignation Of His Anger, And With The Flame Of A Devouring Fire, With Scattering, And Tempest, And Hailstones.  31) For Through The Voice Of The Lord Shalt The Assyrian Be Beaten Down, Which Smote With A Rod.  32) And in every place where The Grounded Staff  (His Punishing Rod) Shall Pass, Which The Lord Shall Lay Upon him (the Assyrians), it shall be with tabrets and harps:  And In Battles Of Shaking Will He Fight With It (The Blows Of His Arm).  33) For Tophet is ordained of old; yea, for the king (of Assyria) it is prepared; He Hath Made It Deep And Large:  the pile thereof is fire and much wood; The Breach (Breath) Of The Lord, Like A Stream Of Brimstone, Doth Kindle It.  Jeremiah 7:31.  Amen.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v27, The Name Of The Lord   Refers To His Character, As Memorialized In His Saving Acts Throughout History.  v28, His Breath Describes The Sound Of The Lord’s Voice As A Roaring, Overflowing River.  v29, Song … in the night:  In times of Festivals, singing would extend long into the evening.  The Mighty One literally Means “Rock” (Psalm 144:1).  v30, 31,  Here God’s Voice is compared to the thunder (Psalm 29:3, 4; contrast v. 28).  Descent Of His Arm:  The Strong Arm Of God Would Descend In Judgment.  Assyria:  Only is the enemy nation mentioned by name.   v32,  And in battles:  These were soldier-musicians; they were to be ready to fight or to play music as the occasion demanded.   v33, Tophet (Topheth) was probably a deep, wide pit containing a bonfire of blazing wood, where children had at times been burned to death as offerings to pagan deities(.)  Brimstone is a reminder of the Fiery Destruction of Sodom.

Quest Study Bible – v28, “Why Would God Lead People Astray?”  This is likely a reference to pulling the reigns back on Assyria and halting her destructive stampede.  God Would Use Assyria To Punish Israel, but after the punishment it would be time for that powerful empire to face the consequences of her own sin.  Babylon defeated the last Assyrian army in 609 B. C.  v33, “Topheth,”  A garbage dump outside Jerusalem, used to burn trash.  During times of unfaithfulness it was used as a place for human sacrifices (2 Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 7:31-32).  Because of such atrocities, the Hebrews associated Topheth with shameful abominations.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v27-33, God Curbs And Restrains From Doing Mischief.  With A Word He Guides His People Into The Right Way, But With A Bridle He Turns His Enemies Upon Their Own Ruin.  Here, In Threatening The Ruin Of Sennacherib’s Army, The Prophet points to the Final and Everlasting Destruction of All Impenitent Sinners.  Tophet (Topheth) was a valley near Jerusalem, where fires were continually burning to destroy things that were hurtful and offensive, and there the idolatrous Jews caused their children to pass through the fire to Moloch.  This Denotes The Certainty Of The Destruction, As An Awful Emblem Of The Place Of Torment In The Other World (HELL).  No Oppressor Shall Escape The Divine Wrath.  Let Sinners Then Flee To Christ, Seeking To Be Reconciled To Him, That They May Be Safe And Happy, When Destruction From The Almighty Shall Sweep Away All The Workers Of Iniquity.          


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