“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 33, “REJOICE IN THE LORD”

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“Alpha And Omega,” Isaiah Houghton

“Because Of Who You Are,” Vicki Yohe

PSALM 33, A Psalm of Descriptive Praise, Calls for all people to join Israel’s Faithful In Praising God And Waiting On (and,Trusting In) The Lord.  

“REJOICE IN THE LORD” Psalm 33:1) Rejoice In The Lord, O Ye Righteous, For Praise Is Comely For The Upright.  2) Praise The Lord With Harp:  Sing Unto Him with The Psaltery And An Instrument Of Ten Strings.  3) Sing Unto Him A New Song; Play Skillfully With A Loud Noise.  4) For The Word Of The Lord Is Right:  And All His Works Are Done In Truth.  5) He Loveth Righteousness And Judgement:  The Earth Is Full Of The Goodness Of The Lord.  6) By The Word Of The Lord Were The Heavens Made; And All The Host Of Them By The Breath Of His Mouth.  Hebrews 11:3; Job 26:13.  7) He Gathereth The Waters Of The Sea Together As An Heap:  He Layeth Up The Depth In Storehouses.  8) Let All The Earth Fear The Lord:  Let All The Inhabitants Of The World Stand In Awe Of Him.  9) For He Spake, And It Was Done; He Commanded, And It Stood Fast.  10) The Lord Bringeth The Counsel Of The Heathen To Nought:  He Maketh The Devices Of The People Of None Effect.  11) The Counsel Of The Lord Standeth For Ever, The Thoughts Of His Heart To All Generations.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1-3, God See’s The Praise From Believers As Beautiful (147:1).  harp:  Throughout The Psalms, many instruments are used to Praise The Lord (98:5; 150:3-5).  To Him:  Praise Is Always Directed To The One That Deserves All Praise, The Lord Almighty.  v4, 5,  Although the world is filled with evil and with people that have No Thought Of God (Psalm 14), Believers must look beyond the apparent confusion of the world to see God’s Goodness—The Goodness That Manifests Itself As The Sun Rises, A Bird Sings, And A Mother Lovingly Embraces Her Child.  Out Of His Goodness, God Holds Together The Earth And Provides For The Sustenance For All People.  v6, 7,  The Reference To God’s Control Of The Waters Of The Sea Grows Out Of The Creation Story In Genesis 1, In Which God Brings Dry Land From The Waters And Establishes His Place For The Waters That Remain (Genesis 6:1-10).  The idea also grows out of Canaanite religious ideas, for the Canaanites considered the seas as malevolent deities.  No power–no matter how evil–Is A Threat To God’s Control (Job 26:10; Proverbs 8:28, 29).  v8,9, The Bible Presents The Fear Of The Lord As A Mark Of Reverence And Awe By Those Who Recognize Him As Lord (40:3).  He Spoke:  The Account Of Creation In Genesis 1 Describes God’s Word As The Sole Source Of Creation.  The Psalm Emphasizes God’s Word As The Controlling Element In Creation (vv. 4, 6).  It Was By God’s “Breath” (v. 6) That He Made All Things.  v10-12, In contrast to the ineffective counsel of the nations, The Counsel Of God Is Wise Counsel That Lasts Forever.  Blessed means to be manifestly happy; the same word is used at the beginning of Psalm 1.  Those Who Listen To God’s Counsel Will Be Happy.

Quest Study Bible – v2, “Ten-stringed lyre,”  A harp-like instrument distinguished by its number of strings.  Lyres typically had a sound board over which the vibrating strings could resonate.  v3, “Are new songs better than old?”  A new song probably indicates the freshness of one’s experience with God more than the age of one’s music.  A new song that Does Not Honor God Is Worthless As A Song Of Worship; on the other hand, an old song that Describes God’s Personal And Current Involvement Has Tremendous Worship Value.  v5, “In What Sense Is The Earth Filled With God’s Unfailing Love?”  In The Sense That There Is No Shortage Of God’s Love.  He Has Grace And Mercy Enough For All The World.  Even The Undeserving Experience His Love.  The sorrow, disappointment, and  Judgement, we see on earth can also be understood as an Expression Of God’s Love Because Such Things Can Prepare Hearts To Receive God’s Mercy.  v10,  “Does God Sometimes Frustrate People’s Plans?”   Absolutely.  But not in a capricious (unaccountable change) or arbitrary (unpredictable) manner.  God Is Sovereign; He Can Overrule The Plans Of Individuals and Accomplish A Far Greater Good Through His Own Purposes.  See Proverbs 16:9.  v11, “Does This Promise Of Blessing Apply To Any Nation That Follows The Lord?”  The Principle Describe Here Is True For Individuals, Families, Communities And Even Entire Nations:  Those Who Serve God Will Benefit From Their Close Relationship With Him.  This Specific Promise, However, Applied To Israel, The Nation, Chosen As God’s Inheritance.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-11, Holy Joy Is The Heart And Soul Of Praise, And That Is Here Pressed Upon The Righteous.  Thankful Praise Is the Breath And Language Of Holy Joy.  Religious Songs Are Proper Expressions Of Thankful Praise.  Every Endowment We Possess, Should Be Employed With All Our Skill And Earnestness In God’s Service.  His Promises Are All Wise And Good.  His Word Is Right, And Therefore We Are Only In The Right When We Agree With It.  His Works Are All Done In Truth.  HE IS THE RIGHTEOUS LORD, THEREFORE LOVETH RIGHTEOUSNESS.  What a pity it is that this earth, which is so full of The Proofs and Instances Of God’s Goodness, should be so Empty Of His Praises, and that of the multitudes who Live Upon His Bounty, there are so few who Live To His Glory!  What The Lord Does, He Does To Purpose; It Stands Fast.  He Over-Rules All The Counsels Of Men, And Makes Them Serve His Counsels; Even That Is Fulfilled, which to us is most surprising, The Eternal Counsel Of God, Nor Can Anything Prevent Its Coming To Pass.  Amen.           


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