“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 33, “REJOICE IN THE LORD,” cont’d

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“Alpha And Omega,” Israel Houghton

“Hosanna,” Isreal Houghton

PSALM 33, A Psalm of Descriptive Praise, Calls for all people to join Israel’s Faithful In Praising God And Waiting On (and,Trusting In) The Lord.  

“REJOICE IN THE LORD,” Psalm 33:12) Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord; And The People Whom He Hath Chosen For His Own Inheritance.  13) The Lord Looketh From Heaven; He Beholdeth All The Sons Of Men.  2 Chronicles 16:9; Job 28:24.  14) From The Place Of His Habitation He Looketh Upon All The Inhabitants Of The Earth.  15) He Fashioneth Their Hearts Alike:  He Considereth All Their Works.  Isaiah 64:8; Jeremiah 32:19; Hosea 7:2.  16) There Is No King Saved By The Multitude Of An Host:  A Mighty Mighty Man Is Not Delivered By Much Strength.  17) An Horse Is A Vain Thing For Safety:  Neither Shall He Deliver Any By His Great Strength.  18) Behold, The Eye Of The Lord Is Upon Them That Fear him, Upon Them That Hope In His Mercy:  Job 36:7.  19) To deliver Their Soul From Death, And To keep Them Alive In Famine.  20) Our Soul Waiteth For the Lord:  He Is Our Help And Our Shield.  21) For Our Heart Shall Rejoice In Him, Because We Have Trusted In His Holy Name.  22) Let Thy Mercy, O Lord, Be Upon Us, According As We Hope In Thee.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v10-12, In contrast to the ineffective counsel of the nations, The Counsel Of God Is Wise Counsel That Lasts Forever.  Blessed means to be manifestly happy; the same word is used at the beginning of Psalm 1.  Those Who Listen To God’s Counsel Will Be Happy.  v13-15, The Lord Looks On Humankind With A Sense Of Discriminating Pleasure.  The emphasis of this is not condemnation, but discrimination (with recognition and understanding of the difference).  v16, 17,  army:  People should not rely on physical strength or material resources to save them.  Salvation Belongs To The Lord (3:8), Both For Spiritual Deliverance And Physical Strength.  v18, 19, Eye Of The Lord:  This Is A Particularly Warm Image Of God’s Care For His People.  God Watches All People, But He Looks With Delight On Those Who Fear Him And Hope In His Mercy (147:11).  v20-22, waits:   To Wait On God Is To Adopt A Stance of Resolute Faith (40:1, “I Waited Patiently For The Lord; And He Inclined Unto me, And Heard My Cry.”).  Just As We Hope:    The Psalm concludes with a phrase similar to “Amen.”  This Is A “Yes” To God’s Mercy, A Statement Of Agreement With His Provisions.  Amen.

Quest Study Bible – v14-15, ” Does God Constantly Watch Us?”  Yes, God Is Always Present (Omnipresent) And Knows Everything (Omniscient); He Perceives Our Thoughts And Hidden Motives.  But He Doesn’t Watch Us To Try To Catch Us Doing Something Wrong.  Though He Judges Wrongdoing When He See It, His Reason For Keeping An Eye On Us Is Because He Loves And Wants To Help Us (2 Chronicles 16:9).   v18, 19, “Do godly people never starve?”  There are times when even the godly starve.  Tragedies often strike in a random manner; those who deserve less trouble sometimes receive more.  In These Verses, God’s Character Is Painted In Broad Strokes, Describing The General Pattern Of His Work, But They Do Not Provide A Mechanical Formula For Every Situation.  Also see article:  “Are Proverbs iron-clad promises?  Proverbs 3:1-4.  

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v12-22, All the motions and operations of the souls of men, which no mortals know but themselves, God Knows Better Than They Do.  Their hearts, as well as their times, Are All In His Hand; He Formed The Spirit Of Each Man Within Him.  All the powers of the creature Depend Upon Him, and are of no account, and of no avail at all, With0ut Him.  If We Make God’s Favor Sure Towards Us, Then We Need Not Fear Whatever Is Against Us.  We Are To Give Him The Glory Of His Special Grace.  All human devices for The Salvation of our souls are in vain; But The Lord’s Watchful Eye Is Over Those Whose Conscientious Fear Of His Name Proceeds From A Believing Hope In His Mercy; for there is no flying from Him, But (by) Flying To Him.  Let Thy Mercy, O Lord, Be Upon Us; Let Us Always Have The Comfort And Benefit, not according to our merits, but according to The Promise Which Thou Hast In Thy Word Given To Us, and According To The Faith Thou Hast By Thy Spirit And Grace Wrought (Worked For Us Through You Son Christ Jesus) To Us.  Amen.        


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