“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Psalm 32, “Blessed Is He Whose Transgression Is Forgiven,” cont’d

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“Seeking For Me,”  Rosetta Tharpe

Psalm 32 – A Wisdom Psalm, is also one of the great penitential psalms.  It is generally believed that this Psalm—like Psalm 51—has it origin in David’s response to God following his infamous affair with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11).  Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary.  

Maschil – A Song Enforcing Some Lesson of Wisdom or Piety (Religious or Reverence).

Transgression – Sin

Iniquity – Immoral Behavior, Wickedness, Sin

Selah – To Praise, or Pause and Reflect

  “Blessed Is He Whose Transgression Is Forgiven,” cont’d, Psalm 32:3) When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring (groaning) all the day long.  4) For day and night Thy Hand Was Heavy Upon me:  my moisture is turned into the drought of summer.  Selah.  5) I acknowledged my sin Unto Thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid.  I said, I will confess my transgressions Unto The Lord; And Thou Forgavest The Iniquity of my sin.  Selah.  Isaiah 65:24; Luke 15:18.  6) For this shall every one that is godly Pray Unto Thee In A Time When Thou Mayest Be Found:  surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.  1 Timothy 1:16; Isaiah 55;6.  7) Thou Art my Hiding Place; Thou Shalt Preserve me From Trouble; Thou Shalt Compass me About with Songs of Deliverance.  Selah.  Matthew 23:37; Colossians 3:3.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v2-5, I kept silent:  The silence was a stubborn resistance to admitting guilt, a hope that in time the sin and it’s penalty would go away.  The more David delayed his confession, the more he suffered.  David realized that it was not just his conscience or his feeling that were assaulting him, But The Heavy Hand Of God (38:1, 6-8).  No matter who else is hurt, The Principle Offense Of Any Sin Is Always Against God.   You Forgave:  The consequences of David’s sin with Bathsheba remained Despite God’s Forgiveness (2 Samuel 12:13-20).  But at this point, The Greater News Was God’s Forgiveness.  God Had Restored His Relationship With David.  v6, who is godly:  On the basis of his own experience, David instructs the congregation.  They can also experience Forgiveness if they Will Come To The Lord In Faith.   v7,  The Psalm has quick and dramatic shifts.  After addressing the congregation, David Speaks Directly To God:  You Are My Hiding Place.

Quest Study Bible – v3, “Why would silence wast David’s bones away?   Because his silence was something like denial–a refusal to admit what he had done wrong.  As long as David could not face up to his own sinfulness, he suffered internal guilt and anguish.  v6, “Is there a time when The Lord Can’t Be Found?”  God Is Always Present, But He May Seem More Approachable At Some Times Than At Others.  Those Who Sincerely Seek The Lord Will Find Him (Jeremiah 29:13-14)—but those who Seek Him Only When They Are Desperate For His Help May Discover That He Has Become “Unavailable.”  See article, “Does God Sometimes Hid From Us?” (10:1).  v7, “How Is The Lord A Hiding Place?”  Like other word pictures in the Psalms (such as refuge, rock and fortress), David speaks of The Lord As His Hiding Place—A Place of Security.  Though David was probably thinking mostly of safety from physical threats.  God Also Provides Safety From Spiritual Trouble.  He Delivers Us From The Penalty Of Sin.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v3-7, It is very difficult to bring sinful man humbly to accept Free Mercy, with a full confession of his sins and self-condemnation.  But the True and Only Way to Peace of Conscience, is, To Confess Our Sins, That They May Be Forgiven; To Declare Them That We May Be Justified (Made Righteous By God Through The Blood Of Jesus).  Although Repentance and Confession do not merit the pardon Of Transgression (Is Not Enough To Pardon Sin), they (Repentance and Confession) are needful to the real enjoyment of Forgiving Mercy.  And What Tongue Can Tell The Happiness Of That Hour, When The Soul, Oppressed By Sin, Is Enabled Freely To Pour Forth  Its Sorrows Before God, And To Take Hold Of His Covenanted Mercy In Christ Jesus!  Those that would speed in Prayer, Must Seek The Lord, When, By His Providence, He Calls Them To Seek Him, And By His Spirit, Stirs Them Up To Seek Him.  In A Time Of Finding, When The Heart Is Softened With Grief, And Burdened With Guilt, When All Human Refuge Fails; When No Rest Can Be Found To The Troubled Mind, Then It Is That God Applies The Healing Balm By His Spirit.  Amen.    


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