“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 28, “Woe To Ephraim,” IV

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“I Know My Redeemer Lives,” Nicole C. Mullen

“On My Knees,”  Nicole C. Mullen

“You Have Won The Victory/The Anthem,”  Full Gospel Baptist Church

Moral Precept – General Rule, A Fundamental Truth

“Woe To Ephraim,” lV, Isaiah 28:16) Therefore Thus Saith The Lord God, Behold, I Lay In Zion For A Foundation A Stone, A Tried Stone, A Precious Corner Stone, A Sure Foundation:  He That Believeth Shall Not Make Haste.  Romans 9:33.  17) Judgment Also Will I Lay To The Line (Marked For Judgment), And Righteousness To The Plummer (Plum Line, Sure and Perfect):  And The Hail Shall Sweep The Refuge Of Lies, And The Waters Shall Overflow The Hiding Place.  18) And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; whom the overthrowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by It (Judgment).  19) From the time that It (Judgment) goeth forth it shall take you:  for morning by morning shall It pass over, by day and by night: and It shall be a vexation only to understand the report.  20) For the bed is shorter that that a man can stretch himself on it:  and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.  21) For The Lord Shall Rise Up As In Mount Perazim, He Shall Be Wroth As In The Valley Of Gibeon, That He May Do His Work, His Strange Work; And Bring To Pass His Act, His Strange Act.  2 Samuel 5:20; Jeremiah 30:14; Luke 19:27.  22) Now therefore be ye not mockers, lest your bands be made strong:  For I Have Heard From The Lord Of Hosts A Consumption, Even Determined Upon The Whole Earth.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v16, 17, Therefore:  In response to the people’s scoffing, The Lord Promises To Establish His Future Kingdom on the Sure Foundation of Justice And Faith.  v18, 19,  As often as:  The Assyrian army trampled through Israel many times.  v20, The too short bed and the too-narrow covering give a false promise of security and comfort, an apt figure for the people’s ill-advised, obstinate alliance with Egypt.  v21,  At Mount Perazim, God Broke Forth Like A Mighty Flood.  In the Valley of Gibeon, He Brought Forth Hail (Joshua 10:10, 11).  v22, Mockers come from the same Hebrew root as “scornful men” in v14.

Quest Study Bible – v16, “What Kind Of Cornerstone Did God Lay?”  The Temple was built over a large rock used as a threshing floor  (1 Chronicles 21:28–22:1).  The Rock may have been called a testing stone because threshing—a Symbol Of Judgment and God’s Testing—took place on It.  Tested Stone could also mean a Standard (a level of Quality)—A Rock to which other cut stones were tested for accurate sizing.  This Image Of The Cornerstone Was Later Applied To Christ (1 Peter 2:6-7).  v20, “What did a short bed and narrow blanket have to do with Judah?”  Using a proverb of the day, Isaiah said that Judah would find no rest or comfort in their treaty (v. 18).  v21,  SCRIPTURE LINK (28:21)  At Perazim, God Gave David Victory Over The Philistines (see 2 Samuel 5:20).  At Gibeon, God Sent Hail And Then Stopped The Sun In The Sky To Help Joshua Defeat The Amorites (see Joshua 10:9-13).

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v16-22, Here Is A Promise Of Christ, As The Only Foundation Of Hope For Escaping The Wrath To Come.  This Foundation Was laid In Zion, In The Eternal Counsels Of God.  This Foundation Is A Stone, Firm And Able To Support His Church.  It Is A Tried Stone, A Chosen Stone, Approved Of God, And Never Failed Any Who Made Trial Of It.  A Corner Stone, Binding Together The Whole Building, And Bearing The Whole Weight; Precious In The Sight Of The Lord, And Of Every Believer; A Sure Foundation On Which To Build.  And he who in any age or nation shall Believe This Testimony, And Rest All His Hopes, and His Never-Dying Soul On This Foundation, Shall Never Be Confounded.  The Right Effect Of Faith In Christ Is, To Quiet And Calm The Soul, Till Events Shall Be Timed By Him, Who Has All Times In His Own Hand And Power.  Whatever men Trust to for Justification, Except The Righteousness Of Christ, Or For Wisdom, Strength, And Holiness, Except The Influences Of The Holy Ghost, or for happiness, Except The Favour Of God; That Protection In Which They Thought To Shelter Themselves, Will Prove Not Enough to answer the intention.  Those who rest in a righteousness of their own, will have deceived themselves:  the bed is too short, the covering too narrow, God Will Be Glorified In The Fulfilling Of His Counsels.  If those that profess to be Members Of God’s Church, make themselves like Philistines and Canaanites, they must expect to be dealt with as such.  Then Dare Not To Ridicule The Reproofs Of God’s Word, Or The Approaches Of Judgments.  Amen.


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