“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 27, “Deliverance of Israel”

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“Christ The Redeemer Statue,” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Intercession,” William McDowell

“Alpha and Omega,” Israel and New Breed

“Deliverance of Israel,” Isaiah 27:1) In That Day The Lord With His Sore And Great And Strong Sword Shall Punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; And He Shall Slay the dragon that is in the sea.  2) In That Day Sing ye unto her, A Vineyard of red wine.  3) I The Lord Do Keep It; I Will Water It Every Moment:  Lest Any Hurt It, I Will keep it Night And Day.  4) Fury Is Not In Me:  Who Would Set The Briers And Thorns Against Me In Battle?  I Would Go Through Them, I Would Burn Them Together.  2 Samuel 23:6.  5) Or let him take hold of My Strength, that he May Make peace With Me; and he Shall Make Peace With me.  Ephesians 2:12, 13, 14.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, Leviathan  was a mythological, dragon-like deity who symbolized chaos and Battled Unsuccessfully Against God.  God Will Triumph Over All Who Oppose Him.  v2, The Vineyard is Israel.  God Wanted Them To Produce Delectable Wine.   v3, I … Keep It contrasts with “I Will Lay It Waste” (5:6).   Water it every moment contrasts with “no rain on it” (5:6).  Lest any hurt it contrasts with “I will take its hedge” (5:5).  This passage is a complete reversal of The Judgment recorded in ch. 5.  v4, Fury Is Not In Me contrasts with “For all this His Anger Is Not Turned Away” (5:25).  Who Would Set Briers and Thorns contrasts with “there shall come briers and thorns” (5:6).  v5, peace:  For a development of this theme, see 9:6; 11:1-16; 26:3.

Quest Study Bible – v1, Leviathan … monster … serpent,  Creation myths from several ancient Middle Eastern nations tell of a god defeating a sea monster before the creation could be completed.  Here, similar words seem to portray an image of an end-time battle in which God Defeats Evil Before He Completes A New Creation.  Also see Rahab (or, Their) 30:7.  v2, SCRIPTURE LINK (27:2) A fruitful Vineyard, Used elsewhere to describe Israel.  See 5:1-7; Luke 20:9-19.  v2-5, “Why Would God Prefer Briers and Thorns In His Vineyards?”  This could mean that God Would Rather Battle Wicked Nations Than Unfaithful Israel, The One He Had Chosen.  On the other hand, this might be God’s Expression of How Much He Cares For His Newly Planted Vineyard—Enough To Protect From Thorns That No Longer Exist.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-5, The Lord Jesus With His Strong Sword, The Virtue Of His Death, And The Preaching Of His Gospel, Does and Will Destroy Him That Had The Power Over Death, That Is, The Devil, that old serpent.  The world is a fruitless, worthless wilderness; but The Church Is A Vineyard, A Place That Has Great Care Taken Of It, and from which Precious Fruits are gathered.  God Will Keep It In The Night Of Affliction and Persecution, and In The Day of Peace and Prosperity, the temptations of which are not less dangerous.  God Also Takes Care Of The Fruitfulness Of This Vineyard.  We Need The Continual Waterings Of Divine Grace; If These Be At Any Time Withdrawn, We Wither, And Come To Nothing.  Though God Sometimes Contends (Asserts Himself Over) With His People, Yet He Graciously Waits To Be Reconciled Unto Them.  It is True, When He Finds Briers and Thorns Instead of Vines, and they are set in array Against Him, He Will Tread Them Down And Burn Them.  Here is a summary of the Doctrine Of The Gospel, Which Which The Church Is To Be Watered Every Moment.  Ever since sin first entered, there has been, On God’s Part, A Righteous Quarrel, but, on man’s part, most unrighteous (unrighteousness).  Here Is A Gracious Invitation Given.  Pardoning mercy Is Called The Power Of Our Lord; Let Us Take Hold On That.  Christ Crucified Is The Power Of God.  Let us by Lively Faith Take Hold On His Strength Who Is A Strength To The Needy, BELIEVING THERE IS NO OTHER NAME BY WHICH WE CAN BE SAVED, As A Man That Is Sinking Catches Hold Of A Bough, or Cord, Or Plank, That Is In His Reach.  This Is The Only Way, And It Is A Sure Way, To Be Saved.  God Is Willing To Be Reconciled To Us.  


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