“Glory To The Lord Jesus”/Isaiah 26, “A Song of Praise”

Christian Living

“HOSANNA,” Israel Houghton

“JESUS AT THE CENTER,” (Decade Version) Israel Houghton 


“A Song of Praise,” Isaiah 26:1) In That Day shall this Song Be Sung in the land of Judah; We have a strong city; Salvation Will God Appoint For Walls And Bulwarks.  2) Open ye the gates, that the Righteous Nation which keepeth The Truth may enter in.  3) Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace, Whose Mind Is Stayed On Thee:  Because He Trusteth In Thee.  4) Trust Ye In The Lord For Ever:  For In The Lord JEHOVAH Is Everlasting Strength.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, In That Day :  For a similar phrase see 2:12.  The Pilgrim’s strong city, presumably, is Mount Zion (2:2; 60:14).  v2, Open the gates is the language of a pilgrim song (Psalm 118:19, 20).  v3, The Hebrew expression translated Perfect Peace is literally “Peace, Peace”; compare the word Holy in 6:3.  Immanuel Will Inaugurate This Superior Kind Of Peace (9:6; 11:6, 9).  v4, Trust means “to commit thyself fully to.”  Yah, The Lord Is An Emphatic Designation of God (see 12:2).

Quest Study Bible – v1,  “How many righteous people must there be for a nation to be called righteous?  It’s impossible to say exactly.   After Abraham’s pleading, ten righteous people would have been enough to save Sodom and Gomorrah from Judgment  (Genesis 18:32).  But Isaiah’s point is not that a few godly people provide access to The New Jerusalem.  His point is that Faith is the entrance pass.  Only Those That Have May Come In.  v4, SCRIPTURE LINK (26:4) The Lord … Is The Rock Eternal.  The Old Testament Often Describes God As A Rock—A Source Of Water, Shade And Protection.  See 32:2; Exodus 17:6; Psalm 18;2.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-4, “That Day,” seems to mean when the new Testament Babylon shall be leveled with the ground.  The Unchangeable Promises and Covenant Of The Lord Are The Wells Of The Church Of God.  The Gates Of This City Shall Be Open.  Let sinners then be encouraged to Join To The Lord.  Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace, Inward Peace, Outward Peace, Peace Of God, Peace of Conscience, Peace At All Times, In All Events.  Trust In The Lord For That Peace, That Portion, Which Will Be For Ever.  Whatever we trust to the world for, it will last for a moment; But Those Who Trust In God Shall Not Only Find In Him, But Shall Receive may be if we do not make heart-work of it.  Though we come ever so early, We Shall Find God Ready To Receive Us.   The intentions of  afflictions is to teach Righteousness:  Blessed Is The Man Whom The Lord Thus Teaches.  But sinners walk contrary to Him.  They will go on in their evil ways, because they will not consider What A God He Is Whose Laws They Persist In Despising.  Scorners and the secure will shortly feel what now they will not Believe, That It Is A Fearful Thing To Fall Into The Hands Of The Living God.  They will not see the evil of sin, But They  Shall See.   Oh that they would abandon their sins, And Turn To The Lord, That He May have Mercy Upon Them.  


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