“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 24, “The Lord’s Devastation of the Earth,” III

Christian Living

“Intercession,” William McDowell 

“The Lord’s Devastation of the Earth,” lll, Isaiah 24:13) When thus it shall be in the midst of the land among the people, there shall be as the shaking of an olive tree, and as the gleaning grapes when the vintage is done.  14) They shall lift up their voice, they shall Sing For The Majesty Of The Lord, they shall cry aloud from the sea.  15) Wherefore Glorify ye The Lord In The Fires, Even The Name Of The Lord God Of Israel In The Isles Of The Sea.  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v13, shaking … gleaning:  People in desperation continue to seek for a single olive or for grapes.   v14, They refers to those who Love God’s Law and Who Have Suffered For Righteousness.  v15, dawning light … the sea:  The imagery suggest the east (the dawn) and west (the Mediterranean Sea).  From east to west, Everyone Should Give The Lord The Praise That Is Due Him.

Quest Study Bible – v14-16, “Who would Praise God with destruction all around?”  Perhaps the righteous who escape, as few in number as the olives and grapes missed during a harvest (v. 13).  No one else would have reason to be happy about judgment.  God’s Wrath will terrorize the wicked and excite those who have been anticipating and Praying for God To Act.   Still, their Praise will not be about destruction, but about what comes next—The Fulfillment Of God’s Kingdom.  v16, “Why did Isaiah feel betrayed?”  He was appalled at the immense human tragedy in his Vision.  After Woe to me, Isaiah uses a poetic device—five words that sound quite the same in Hebrew.  The technique seems to underscore his complaint that everywhere he looked he saw treachery.  Though appropriate to rejoice about the coming victory of good over evil, Isaiah found himself engulfed in the misery of those defeated.

 Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v13-15, There shall be a remnant preserved from the general ruin, and it shall be a Devout and Pious Remnant.  These few are dispersed like the gleanings of the olive tree, hid under the leaves.  The Lord Knows Those That Are His; the world does not.  When the mirth of carnal (worldliness) ceases, The Joy Of The Saints Is As Lively As Ever, Because The Covenant Of Grace, The Fountain Of Their Comforts, and The Foundation Of Their Hopes Never Fails.  Those Who Rejoice In The Lord Can Rejoice In Tribulation, And By Faith May Triumph When All About Them Are In Tears.  They encourage their fellow-sufferers to do likewise, even those who are in The Furnace of Affliction.  Or, in the valleys, low, dark, miry places.  In every fire, even the hottest, in every place, even the remotest, Let Us Keep Up Our Good Thoughts Of God.  If none of theses trials move us, Then We Glorify The Lord In The Fires.   


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