“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/III, Psalm 36, “The Transgression of The Wicked.” A Psalm of David

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“Forever,”  Kari Jobe (Live)

Oracle – A person through whom God Speaks, or Message From God.

III, Psalm 36:6) Thy Righteousness Is Like The Great Mountains, Thy Judgments Are A Great Deep:  O Lord, Thou Preservest Man And Beast.  7) How Excellent Is Thy Lovingkindness, O God!  therefore the children of men put their Trust Under The Shadow Of Thy Wings.  Ruth 2:12.

John Gill’s Exposition of The Bible – v6,  Thy Righteousness [Is] Like The Great Mountains  Or, “The Mountains Of God”; so called for Their Excellency, as The Cedars of God, ( Psalms 80:10 ) ; reaching above the clouds and the region of the air, are The Pillars Of The Palace Of God, and a part of It; and therefore called His Mountains with great Propriety (Decency) , to which His Righteousness is compared: that is, either The Righteousness of God in the government of the world, which is sometimes like the High Mountains, not to be reached and accounted for in the present state of things, though always is, and is Immovable as they are; or The Righteousness of God, by which He Justifies Sinners, which may be said to be as The Mountains of God, because of The Dignity of His Person, Who Has Wrought (Worked) It Out; and because of the clear Manifestation Of It, The Gospel, And So Visible, As High Mountains; and because of the Immovableness and Duration of it;  Thy Judgments [Are] A Great Deep;  both in a way of Providence, many of them being at present not to be traced, though before long They Will Be Made Manifest; and in A Way Of Grace, such as the choice of some, and the leaving of others, the rejection of the Jews, and the call of the Gentiles; see ( Romans 11: 33 ) ;  O Lord, Thou Preservest man and beast;   in a Providential (Favorable) Way, Upholding each in their being, and Supplying them with the necessaries of life: some understand this figuratively, of God’s Saving Jews and Gentiles, wise and unwise, and particularly those who, through humility and modesty, compare themselves to beasts, because of their ignorance and stupidity, ( Proverbs 30:2 ) ( Psalms 73:22 ) .  v7,  How Excellent [Is] Thy Lovingkindness, O God  Which has Appeared to men and not Angels, to some and not others; to the chief of sinners, who are by nature children of wrath as others; in Choosing, Redeeming (Saving), and Calling them, taking them into His Family, And Making Them Heirs Of Eternal Glory; and all this of His Sovereign (Supreme) Good Will and Pleasure, there being nothing in them that could move Him To It; which Lovingkindness Was In His Heart From Everlasting, And Will Never Change In Him, Nor Depart From Them; And Hence It Must Be Most Excellent And Precious:  therefore the children of men put their Trust Under The Shadow Of Thy Wings;  not all men; for all have not Faith, only some, to whom it is given to Believe, and who know The Lord and His Lovingkindness; by which they are Induced and Encouraged To Trust In Him, to betake themselves (go to) him for Mercy and Protection, which they Find In Him: the allusion is either to the hen that gathers her chickens under her wings, and protects them in time of danger, and so it expresses both The Paternal Affection Of God To His People, and the Protection of them; or else To The Wings Of The Cherubim Over The Mercy Seat, Between Which The Lord Sat And Communed With His People, And Showed Mercy And Favor To Them, Which Encouraged Them To Trust In Him.


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