“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 10, “The Remnant of Israel,” cont’d

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“Worth,” Anthony Brown & group therAPy 

“The Remnant of Israel,” cont’d, Isaiah 10:27) And it shall come to pass in That Day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of The Anointing.  Psalm 105:15.  28) He is come to Aiah, he is passed to Migron; at Michmash he hath laid up his carriages.  Nehemiah 11;31.  29) They are gone over the passage:  they have taken up their lodging at Geba; Ramah is afraid; Gibeah of Saul is fled.  30) Lift up thy voice, O daughter of Gallim, cause it to be heard unto Laish, O poor Anathoth.  1 Samuel 25:44.  31) Madmenah is removed; the inhabitants of Gebim gather themselves to flee.  Joshua 15:31.  32) As yet shall he remain at Nob that day:  he shall shake his hand against the mount of the daughter of Zion, the hill of Jerusalem.  1 Samuel 21:1.  33) Behold, The Lord, The Lord Of Hosts, Shall Lop The Bough (Cut the Main Branch of the tree) With Terror:  and the high ones of stature shall be hewn down, and the haughty shall be humbled.  34) And He Shall Cut Down The Thickets of The Forest With Iron, And Lebanon Shall Fall by A Mighty One.

Quest Study Bible – “Why list these places?” v28-34, As we read these names, the details of this invasion begin to build the tension.  These names trace the advancing Assyrian forces as they approach Jerusalem, from north to south (see Assyria threatens Jerusalem on page 986).  Then, just when the end was in sight, God Decisively Stepped In To Halt The Invaders At A Foothill of Mount Zion.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v27, the anointing oil was used to initiate both priest and king of God’s Choosing.  v28, 29, The cities as listed in these verses are closer and closer to the capitol at Jerusalem.  Each town conquered was another step toward the impending defeat of The Holy City.  v30, 21, Lift up your voice:  The language to that of panic.  The actions are those of a frightened people facing defeat and disaster.   v32, daughter of Zion:  The army was near Jerusalem Itself.  The pronoun he refers to Assyria, the enemy.  v33, 34, The bough is the king of Assyria and the thickets are his army.  The Point Is That God Will Bring Judgment On The Instruments He Used To Judge Israel.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v20-34, By our afflictions we may learn not to make creatures (the created) our confidence.  Those only can with comfort stay upon (or, with) God, who return to Him in Truth, not in pretense and profession only.  God Will Justly Bring This Wasting Away On A Provoking People, But Will Graciously Set Bounds To It.  It Is Against The Mind And Will Of God, That His People, whatever happens, should give way to fear:  God’s Anger Against His People is but for a moment; and when that is turned from us, we need not fear the fury of man.  The rod with which He Corrected His People, shall not only be laid aside, but thrown into the fire.  To encourage God’s people, the Prophet put them in mind of what God Had Formerly Done Against The Enemies Of His Church.  God’s People shall be delivered from the Assyrians.  Some think it looks to The Deliverance of The Jews out of their captivity; and further yet (into the future), To The Redemption of Believers From The Tyranny Of Sin And Satan.  And this, “Because Of The Anointing”; For His People Israel’s Sake, (and) The Believers among them that had Received The Unction (The Anointing) Of Divine Grace.  And For The Sake (And Coming) Of The Messiah, The Anointed Of God.  Here is, ver. 28-34, A Prophetical Description of Sennacherib’s march towards Jerusalem, when he threatened to destroy that city.  Then The Lord In Whom Hezekiah Trusted, cut down his army like the hewing of a forest.  Because Of The Anointing Of Our Great Redeemer; the yoke of every anti-Christ must be Broken From Off His Church:  and if our souls Partake Of The Unction Of The Holy Spirit, Complete and Eternal Deliverance’s Will Be Secured To Us.  Amen.


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