“Glory To The Lamb Jesus”/Isaiah 6, “Isaiah’s Commission”

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“Blessed Assurance,” Shirley Caesar

“Jesus At The Center,” Israel Houghton

“Lord Of Hosts” – A Title Of God Used Often In The Old Testament.  It Emphasizes God’s Dominion Over All Forces (Genesis 2:1; Isaiah 1:9; 45:12).

“Isaiah’s Commission,” Isaiah 6:1) In the year that king Uzziah died I Saw Also The Lord Sitting Upon A Throne, High And Lifted Up, And His Train Filled The Temple.  2) Above It Stood The Seraphims:  Each One had six wings with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.  3) And One Cried Unto Another, And Said, Holy, Holy, Holy, Is The Lord Of Hosts:  The Whole Earth Is Full Of His Glory.  4) And The Posts of The Door Moved At The Voice Of Him That Cried, And The House Was Filled With Smoke.

 Quest Study Bible – “Why isn’t Isaiah’s “call” at the beginning of The Book?”  v1-8, The first five chapters of The Book are used to clearly establish Judah’s sinful condition.  In much the same that a writer establishes context, Isaiah may have delayed this chapter for impact.  Seeing the condition of a people of unclean lips (v. 5) helps us to better understand the anguish Isaiah felt about standing before an Awesome And Holy God.  “Did this actually happen to Isaiah?  v1, If taken literally, the phrases I Saw The Lord and he touched my mouth (v. 7) seem to indicate an actual event.  But it may have been a Vision where Isaiah saw things in another Realm.  Either way, Its effect on Isaiah was both dramatic and genuine.  “Seraphs (Seraphim),”  v2, Some think these Creatures were winged serpents with certain human features.  They could be compared to the Cherubim (see Dictionary) in the Inner Sanctuary of the Jerusalem Temple (1 Kings 6:23-28).  

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, King Uzziah died in 740 B. C.  This good king would eventually be replaced by wicked Ahaz (7:1).  The Throne Where The Lord Is Seated, High and Exalted.  He is high above all other kings, but at the same time He Is Concerned About The Welfare Of His People.  v2, The Seraphim Live In The Presence Of God.  v3, Holy, Holy, Holy:  To say The Word Holy twice in Hebrew is to describe Someone As “Most Holy.”  To say The Word Holy three times Intensifies The Idea To The Highest Level.  To Be Holy means to be Different, Distant or Transcendent.  The Lord Is Perfect But In His Mercy He Still Reaches Down To Take Care Of Us.  The Whole Earth Is Full Of His Glory:  We Know That The Glory Of God Transcends The Universe.  v4, The Door Posts Of The Temple Shook In Response To The Voice That Cried Out Exalting The Holy Lord.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – 1-8 In this Figurative Vision, The Temple Is Thrown Open To View, Even To The Most Holy Place.  The Prophet standing outside The Temple Sees The Divine Presence Seated On The Mercy Seat, Raised Over The Ark of The Covenant, Between The Cherubim and Seraphim, And The Divine Glory Filled The Whole Temple.  See God Upon His Throne.  This Vision is explained, John 12:41, that Isaiah now saw Christ’s Glory, and Spake of Him, Which Is A Full Proof That Our Saviour Is God.  In Christ Jesus, God Is Seated On A Throne Of Grace; And Through Him The Way Into The Holiest Is Laid Open.  See God’s Temple, His Church On Earth, Filled With His Glory.  His Train, The Skirts Of His Robes, Filled The Temple, The Whole World, For It Is All God’s Temple.  And Yet He Dwells In Every Contrite (Repentant) Heart.  See The Blessed Attendants by Whom His Government Is Served.  Above The Throne Stood The Holy Angels, called Seraphim, which means “Burners”; They Burn In Love To God, And Zeal For His Glory Against Sin.  The Seraphim showing their faces veiled, declares that they are ready to yield Obedience To All God’s Commands, though they do not understand The Secret Reasons Of His Counsels, Government, or Promises.  All vain-glory, ambition, ignorance and pride, would be done away by One View Of Christ In His Glory.  This (Awful, or Wonderful) Vision of The Divine Majesty overwhelmed the Prophet with a sense of his own vileness.  We are undone if there is not a Mediator between us and This Holy God.  A Glimpse of Heavenly Glory is enough to convince us that all our righteousness is as filthy rags.  Nor is there a man that would dare to speak to The Lord, if he saw The Justice, Holiness and Majesty Of God, without Discerning His Glorious Mercy And Grace In Jesus Christ.  The Live Coal may denote The Assurance given to the Prophet, of Pardon and Acceptance in his work, Through The Atonement Of Christ.  Nothing is powerful to Comfort and Cleanse the soul, but what is Taken From Christ’s Satisfaction And Intercession.  The Taking Away Sin is necessary to our speaking in confidence and comfort, Either To God In Prayer, or From God In Preaching; and those shall have their sin taken away who Complain of it (their sin) As A Burden, and see themselves in Danger Of Being Undone By it (their sin).  It Is Great Comfort to those whom God Sends, That They Go For God, and May Therefore Speak In His Name, Assured That He Will Bare Them Out.  


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