“Sexual Immorality And The Holy Spirit,” 1 Corinthians 6:16-20

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“For Your Glory,” Tasha Cobb

“The “Holy Ghost,”  “Holy Spirit” The Doctrine (Beliefs Taught by The Church) of The Holy Spirit, as Part of The Doctrine of The Trinity, is in part at least beyond human comprehension, and we are limited to The Statements of The Scriptures.  The Scriptures Present The Holy Spirit as A Distinct Personality and as part of The Godhead or Trinity (Matthew 3:16-17) and Personal Pronouns are used (John 16:13-14).   His Deity is likewise emphasized by giving to Him Names That Belong To God (Acts 5:3-4) and Divine Attributes are stated as Belonging To Him.  The Work of The Holy Spirit is of The Utmost Importance to men (1 Corinthians 2:11-12).  He is The Immediate Source of Life (Psalm 104:29, 30); He Played An Important part in The Coming of Christ (Luke 1:35); and He is The Revealer of Divine Truth and Thus The Source of The Inspired Scriptures (John 14:26).  This means The Holy Spirit is Active in Conversions (Rebirth) and in The Edification (Spiritual and Moral Improvement) of The Believer by The Word of which He Is The Author (1 Peter 1:19-21).  As Part of This The Holy Spirit Is Said To Dwell In Us.

“Sexual Immorality,” 1 Corinthians 6:17) But he that is Joined Unto The Lord Is One Spirit.  John 17:21.  18) Flee fornication.  Every sin that a man doeth is without (outside) the body; but he that commiteth fornication (sex without being married) sinneth against his own body.  Romans 1:24; 1 Thessalonians 4:4.  19) What?  know ye not that your body is The Temple of The Holy Ghost Which Is In You, Which ye Have Of God, and ye are not your own?  Romans 14:7.  20) For ye are Bought With A Price:  Therefore Glorify God in your Body, and in your Spirit, Which Are God’s.  1 Peter 1:18; Revelation 5:9.

John Gill’s Exposition of The Bible – v17, He that is joined unto The Lord As every elect person is; his whole person, soul and body, is united to The Lord Jesus Christ, to His Whole Person, as God-man and Mediator; even as Adam and Eve, whose marriage was a representation of The Marriage Between Christ And His Church, were personally united, (and this) Union with Christ has Redemption, Sanctification, and Resurrection of the body. The foundation, and bond of which union is, (and) for The Spirit being received as a Spirit of Regeneration (and) Sanctification is a Fruit of Union to Christ, and an evidence of It; and The Gift Of God. This Union is first discovered in the Effectual Calling, and will be more manifest hereafter. Now he that is in this sense United to Christ,  Is One Spirit;  for this Union is a Spiritual One; it is complete and perfect; near and indissoluble; by virtue and in consequence of it, God’s Chosen Ones come to have and enjoy the same Spirit in measure, which Christ their Head and Mediator has without measure: hence they have The Spirit of God, as a Spirit of Illumination and Conversion, of Faith and Holiness, of Adoption, and as the Earnest, Pledge, and Seal of their Future Glory. And since so it is, fornication, which makes them one flesh with an harlot, ought studiously to be abstained from.   v18, Flee fornication  As that which is hurtful, scandalous, and unbecoming Christians; avoid it, and all the occasions of it, that may lead unto it, and be incentives of it:  every sin that a man doth is without the body   (although) other sins are committed by the body, and by the members of it as instruments; they are generally committed by the abuse of other things that are without, and do not belong to the body; and so do not bring that hurt unto and reproach upon the body, as fornication does:  but he that committeth fornication, sinneth against his own body;  not meaning his wife, which is as his own body; but his proper natural body, which is not only the instrument by which this sin is committed, but the object against which it is committed; and which is defiled and dishonored by it; and sometimes its strength and health are impaired, and it is filled with nauseous diseases hereby.  v19,  What? know ye not that your body is The Temple of The Holy Ghost  What is said in ( 1 Corinthians 3:16 1 Corinthians 3:17 ) of the Saints in general, is here said of their bodies in particular. The Holy Spirit, in Regeneration and Sanctification, when He Begins The Good Work of Grace on a man, Takes Possession of his whole person, soul and body, and Dwells Therein as In His Temple. So the Jews F15 call the body of a righteous man (Nkvm) , the “habitation” of The Holy Spirit. Now it is most abominably scandalous and shameful that that body, which is the Dwelling Place of The Holy Spirit, which is Sacred to Him as A Temple, should be defiled by the sin of fornication: it is added,  Which Is In you, Which ye Have Of God;  meaning The Holy Spirit which was in them, as in His Temple; which Dwelt in their hearts, and Influenced their bodies, lives, and conversations; and which they Received of God as a Wonderful Instance of His Grace and Love to them; that He Should Be Bestowed upon them, to Regenerate, Renew, and Sanctify them, to Implant Every Grace, to make them a Fit Habitation For God, and Meet for The Inheritance of The Saints in Light:  and ye are not your own:  their own masters, at their own dispose, to live to their own lusts, or the lusts of men; men have not power over their bodies to abuse them at pleasure by fornication, or such like uncleanness, neither single nor married persons; see ( 1 Corinthians 7:4 ) and of all men, not the Saints, who are neither their own nor other men’s, nor Satan’s, but God’s; not only by creation, but by choice and Covenant; and Christ’s by Gift, by Purchase, and Powerful Grace, and in a Conjugal Relation to Him; wherefore fornication ill becomes them.  v20,  For ye Are Bought With A Price  Not with gold and silver, but with The Precious Blood Of Christ, as The Whole Church, and all the Elect of God are. This proves them to be The Lord’s, not only His Redeemed Ones, being Ransomed by a Price from the bondage of the law, sin, Satan, and the world; but His Espoused Ones, and which is chiefly designed here; for one way of obtaining and espousing a wife among the Jews was by a price F16;   Christ, indeed, did not purchase His Church to be His Spouse, But Because She Was So; (and) His Purchasing of Her With His Blood More Clearly Demonstrated and Confirmed His Right Unto Her, as His Spouse; He Betrothed Her To Himself In Eternity, In The Everlasting Covenant Of Grace; but She (The Church), with the rest of the individuals of human nature, fell into sin, and so, under the sentence of the law, into the hands of Satan, and the captivity of the world; to Redeem Her (His Church) from whence, and by so doing to own and declare Her His Spouse, and His Great Love To Her, He Gave Himself A Ransom Price For Her; which lays Her (The Church) under the greatest obligation to preserve an inviolable (unbreakable) Chastity To Him, and To Love and Honor Him.  Therefore Glorify God in your body and in your Spirit,  which are God’s; by “God” is here meant more especially The Lord Jesus Christ, by The Price of Whose Blood the bodies and souls of His People Are Bought, which lays the obligation on them to Glorify Him in and with both (Body and Spirit) ; and contains a very considerable proof of The Deity of Christ; Who Is “Glorified”, when all The Perfections of The Divine Nature Are Ascribed To Him; when The Whole Of Salvation Is Attributed To Him, and He is Looked Unto, Received, Trusted In and Depended On as a Saviour, and praise and thanks are given unto Him on that account; and when His Gospel is embraced and professed, and walked worthy of, and His Ordinances Submitted To, and His Commandments Kept In Love To Him: and He Is To Be Glorified both in body and Spirit; “in body”, by an outward attendance on His Worship: “In Spirit”, which is done when the heart or spirit is given up to Him, and is Engaged In His Service, and when His Glory lies near unto it; the reason enforcing all this, is because both are His; not only by Creation, but by His Father’s Gift of Both Unto Him.  Amen.


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