“The Armor Of God And The Holy Spirit,” Ephesians 6:16 -18

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“Alpha and Omega,” Israel & New Breed

“The “Holy Ghost,”  “Holy Spirit” The Doctrine (Beliefs Taught by The Church) of The Holy Spirit, as Part of The Doctrine of The Trinity, is in part at least beyond human comprehension, and we are limited to The Statements of The Scriptures.  The Scriptures Present The Holy Spirit as A Distinct Personality and as part of The Godhead or Trinity (Matthew 3:16-17) and Personal Pronouns are used (John 16:13-14).   His Deity is likewise emphasized by giving to Him Names That Belong To God (Acts 5:3-4) and Divine Attributes are stated as Belonging To Him.  The Work of The Holy Spirit is of The Utmost Importance to men (1 Corinthians 2:11-12).  He is The Immediate Source of Life (Psalm 104:29, 30); He Played An Important part in The Coming of Christ (Luke 1:35); and He is The Revealer of Divine Truth and Thus The Source of The Inspired Scriptures (John 14:26).  This means The Holy Spirit is Active in Conversions (Rebirth) and in The Edification (Spiritual and Moral Improvement) of The Believer by The Word of which He Is The Author (1 Peter 1:19-21).  As Part of This The Holy Spirit Is Said To Dwell In Us.

“The Armor Of God,” Ephesians 6:16) Above all, Taking The Shield of Faith, wherewith ye shall be able to Quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.  17) And take The Helmet Of Salvation, and The Sword Of The Spirit, Which Is The Word Of God:  18) Praying Always With All Prayer and Supplication In The Spirit, And Watching Thereunto With All Perseverance and Supplication For All Saints.  Philippians 1:4.

Quest Study Bible – “How do we put on Spiritual Armor?” v14-17,  By daily absorbing Scriptural Truth, Living In Obedience, Sharing The Gospel And Trusting Christ.  This Spiritual Armor Will Protect us from Spiritual Attack.  Only when we overcome temptation in The Spiritual Realm can we play out that Victory in the physical world.    “What is Praying In The Spirit?” v18,  When we submit our hearts and minds to The Direction and Leading of The Holy Spirit and then Pray In His Power, We Are Praying In The Spirit.  Some Believe Praying In The Spirit may include the use of Certain Spiritual Gifts Such As Faith (1 Corinthians 12:9) or Unknown Tongues (1 Corinthians 14:2).  Also see (Jude v. 20).

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v16, Above All may mean that The Shield is to be used against everything.  It may also mean that The Shield is to cover the whole Armor.  A Roman’s soldier’s shield typically measured two and one-half feet by four feet.  The Christian’s Shield offers protection against all the fiery darts of the wicked one.  Flaming arrows could not penetrate the fire-proof shield of the ancient Roman soldier, nor can the assaults of Satan penetrate to The Believer Who Places his or her Faith In God.  v17, The Helmet of Salvation:  The intricately designed Roman helmet protected the soldier’s head and made him look taller and more impressive.  The Sword Of The Spirit is the only Offensive Weapon in The Believer’s Armor.  This Weapon is not necessarily The Bible as a Whole, but The Specific Word That Needs To Be Spoken In A Specific Situation.  v18, Without Prayer, all the armor in the world would be of no use.  Praying Always:  Perseverance and Patience In Prayer Are Essential.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – Faith as relying on The Unseen,  Receiving Christ and The Benefits of Redemption, and so Deriving Grace From Him, Is Like a Shield, A Defense (in) every way.  The Devil is the wicked one.  Violent temptations, by which the Soul is set on Fire of Hell, are darts Satan shoots at us.  Also, hard thoughts of God, and as to ourselves.  Faith Applying The Word Of God and The Grace Of Christ, Quenches the darts of temptation.  Salvation Must Be Our Helmet.  A Good Hope Of Salvation, A Scriptural Expectation Of Victory, Will Purify The Soul, and keep It from being Defiled by Satan.  To The Christian armed for defense in battle, The Apostle recommends Only One Weapon Of Attack; But It Is Enough, The Sword Of The Spirit, Which Is The Word Of God.  It Subdues and Mortifies Evil Desires and Blasphemous Thoughts as they rise within; and Answers unbelief and error as they assault from without.  A Single Text (Scripture), Well Understood, and Rightly Applied, at once destroys a temptation or an objection, and subdues the most formidable adversary.  Prayer Must Fasten all the other Parts of Out Christian Armor.  There are other Duties of Religion, and of our stations in the world, but we must keep up Times Of Prayer.  Though set and solemn Prayer may not be seasonable (There may not be time for The Regular Prayer Hour) when other duties are to be done, yet Short Pious (Devout, Sincere) Prayers darted out (spoken quickly), always are so (or, always acceptable).  We must use Holy Thoughts in our ordinary course (throughout our day).  A vain heart will be vain in Prayer.  We must with all kinds of Prayer, public, private, and secret; social and solitary; solemn and sudden:  With All The Parts Of Prayer; confession of sin, petition for Mercy, and Thanksgiving for favors received.  And we must do It By The Grace Of God The Holy Spirit, In Dependence On, And According To, His Teaching.  We Must Pray, not for ourselves only, But For All Saints.  Our Enemies Are Mighty, And We Are Without Strength.  But Our Redeemer Is Almighty, And In The Power Of His Might we may Overcome.  


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