“Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit,” cont’d, John 14:25-27

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“The Battle Is Not Yours,” Yolanda Adams

“The “Holy Ghost,”  “Holy Spirit” The Doctrine (Beliefs Taught by The Church) of The Holy Spirit, as Part of The Doctrine of The Trinity, is in part at least beyond human comprehension, and we are limited to The Statements of The Scriptures.  The Scriptures Present The Holy Spirit as A Distinct Personality and as part of The Godhead or Trinity (Matthew 3:16-17) and Personal Pronouns are used (John 16:13-14).   His Deity is likewise emphasized by giving to Him Names That Belong To God (Acts 5:3-4) and Divine Attributes are stated as Belonging To Him.  The Work of The Holy Spirit is of The Utmost Importance to men (1 Corinthians 2:11-12).  He is The Immediate Source of Life (Psalm 104:29, 30); He Played An Important part in The Coming of Christ (Luke 1:35); and He is The Revealer of Divine Truth and Thus The Source of The Inspired Scriptures (John 14:26).  This means The Holy Spirit is Active in Conversions (Rebirth) and in The Edification (Spiritual and Moral Improvement) of The Believer by The Word of which He Is The Author (1 Peter 1:19-21).  As Part of This The Holy Spirit Is Said To Dwell In Us.

“Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit,” cont’d, John 14:25) These Things Have I Spoken Unto You, Being Yet Present With You.  26) But The Comforter, Which Is The Holy Ghost, Whom The Father Will Send In My Name, He Shall Teach You All Things, And Bring All Things To Your Remembrance, Whatsoever I Have Said Unto You.  Luke 24:49.  27) Peace I Leave With You, My Peace I Give Unto You:  Not As The World Giveth, Give I Unto You.  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Neither Let It Be Afraid.  Colossians 3:15.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v25, 26, Jesus Told His Disciples These Things While He Was With Them, but when The Holy Spirit Came, He Would Remind The Disciples Of All Things That Jesus Had Said, and Would Teach … All Things (see 1 Corinthians 2:13).  This Promise was primarily fulfilled through The Lives of The Apostles in The Writing of The New Testament.  v27, Peace:  The customary good-bye among the Jews was shalom, meaning “peace.”  The Lord Was About To Depart, So He Added To His Farewell By Saying, My Peace.  This is no conventional wish; This Is Jesus’ Personal, Special Grant Of Peace.  The Peace That Christ Gives Banishes Fear and Dread From The Heart.

Quest Study Bible – v26, Counselor (or, Comforter) Means One Who Is Called Alongside. It conveys the idea of an Encourager in the sense of a Legal Counsel.  Just As Jesus Had Encouraged And Assisted His Disciples, He Assured Them The Holy Spirit Would Be There For Them As Well.   

Quest Study Bible – “How Are Jesus And The Father One?”  v9-28, Jesus Claimed, Anyone Who Has Seen Me Has Seen The Father.  He Was Saying That He Spoke And Acted For God Because He Was In God And God Was In Him.  He Proclaimed That The Father And Son Equally Possess All The Attributes Of Deity (Being A God).  In Other Words, Jesus Was Claiming To Be God.  Yet, Jesus Made Several Distinctions Between Himself And His Father.  His Mission As The Son Was To Bring Glory To The Father (v. 13).  He Had Come Into This World Because The Father Had Sent Him (v. 24).  And Once His Mission Was Complete He Was Going To The Father (v. 28).  The Existence Of The Father And Son As One God Yet Two Distinct Persons Baffles The Human Mind.  It’s A Mystery That Cannot Be Fully Explained By Logic Or Reason.  Yet, Because The Bible Teaches The Unity Of God And The Deity Of Christ, We Must Accept The Fact That An Infinite (Omniscience (All Knowing), Omnipotence (Having All Power) and Omnipresence (Everywhere At All Times) God Cannot Be Comprehended By Finite Humans (Having Limits).  When We Meet Christ Face To Face, It’s Possible That Some Such Mysteries Will Be Better Understood.        


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