“Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit,” John 14:15-17

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“For Your Glory,” Tasha Cobbs

“My God Is Awesome,” Charles Jenkins

“The “Holy Ghost,”  “Holy Spirit” The Doctrine (Beliefs Taught by The Church) of The Holy Spirit, as Part of The Doctrine of The Trinity, is in part at least beyond human comprehension, and we are limited to The Statements of The Scriptures.  The Scriptures Present The Holy Spirit as A Distinct Personality and as part of The Godhead or Trinity (Matthew 3:16-17) and Personal Pronouns are used (John 16:13-14).   His Deity is likewise emphasized by giving to Him Names That Belong To God (Acts 5:3-4) and Divine Attributes are stated as Belonging To Him.  The Work of The Holy Spirit is of The Utmost Importance to men (1 Corinthians 2:11-12).  He is The Immediate Source of Life (Psalm 104:29, 30); He Played An Important part in The Coming of Christ (Luke 1:35); and He is The Revealer of Divine Truth and Thus The Source of The Inspired Scriptures (John 14:26).  This means The Holy Spirit is Active in Conversions (Rebirth) and in The Edification (Spiritual and Moral Improvement) of The Believer by The Word of which He Is The Author (1 Peter 1:19-21).  As Part of This The Holy Spirit Is Said To Dwell In Us.

“Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit,” John 14:15) If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments.  1 Corinthians 16:22.  16) And I Will Pray The Father, And He Shall Give You Another Comforter, That He May Abide With You For Ever;  Romans 8:15.  17) Even The Spirit Of Truth; Whom The World Cannot Receive, Because It Seeth Him Not, Neither Knoweth Him:  But Ye Know Him; For He Dwelleth With You, And Shall Be In You.  1 John 2:27.

John Gill’s Exposition of The Bible – v15, If Ye Love Me  Not that Christ doubted of the love of His Disciples to Him; but He argues from it to their observance of His Precepts (Rules), seeing ye do love Me; as all do who are Born Again, who have had any Spiritual Sight of Him, of His Glory, and Fullness; who Believe In Him, and have Received From Him; who have had His Love Shed Abroad in their hearts, having enjoyed Communion With Him, and know the relation He Stands in to them; these love Him above all others, and that belong to Him, in the sincerity of their souls, as did the Disciples; and since they professed to love, and did love Him, as they ought to do, He Exhorts (Charges) them, saying,  Keep My Commandments:  Christ Is Lord over His People, as He is The Creator and Redeemer of them, and as He Is an Head and Husband to them, and as such He Has A Right to Issue Out His Commands, though not in opposition to, His Father’s Commands; such as The New Commandment of Loving One Another, and The Ordinances of Baptism, and The Lord’s Supper, which are to be observed and kept as Christ Has Ordered Them, Constantly, In Faith, and with A View To His Glory.  v16,  And I Will Pray The Father  Here Christ Speaks As Mediator (Intercessor), and Promises His Disciples, that He Would Intercede for them with The Father; which is designed as an Encouragement to them to ask for what they want, In His Name, and to Comfort their hearts, which were troubled at the news of His Departure from them;  And He Shall Give You Another Comforter.  Here Is The Father prayed unto, The Son in Human Nature Praying, and The Holy Ghost The Comforter Prayed For; Who Is The Gift of The Father, through The Prevalent Mediation of The Son, and Is Another “Comforter”; Distinct From The Messiah, to Whom Reference is here had! One of the names of The Messiah, with the Jews, is (Mxnm) F21, “a Comforter”; Such An One Jesus Had Been To His Disciples; and now He was about to leave them, and for their support under their sorrows, He Promises To Use His Interest With His Father, that He Would Give Them Another Comforter, Meaning The Spirit, Who Performs This His Work and Office, By Taking Of The Things Of Christ, And Showing Them To His People; By Shedding Abroad The Love Of The Father, And Of The Son, Into Their Hearts; By Opening And Applying The Precious Promises Of The Gospel To Them; By Being A Spirit Of Adoption In Them; And By Abiding With Them As The Seal, Earnest, And Pledge of Their future Glory; And With This View Christ Promises To Pray For Him,  That He May Abide With You For Ever:  not a few years only, as I Have Done, but as long as you live; and with all those that shall succeed you in The Work Of The Ministry, and with The Church, and All True Believers unto the end of the world: this is A Proof of The Saints’ Final Perseverance. When we consider These Words, in connection with the preceding Exhortation, To Keep The Commands Of Christ.  v17,  Even The Spirit Of Truth, Whom The World Cannot Receive,  &c.] These words explain Who is meant by The Comforter, “Even The Spirit Of Truth”; The True Spirit Of God, The Dictator Of The Scriptures Of Truth, Who leads men into The Truths of The Gospel, Confirms them in them, and gives Boldness and Freedom to own, and Confess them before men:  Whom The World Cannot Receive;  the men of the world, who are as they came into the world, carnal and natural men, can neither receive The Spirit nor The Things of The Spirit, The Truths and Doctrines of The Gospel; they can neither receive Them into their understandings, nor into their affections; and indeed, because they cannot understand Them, therefore they do not love Them, but despise and hate Them:  Because It Seeth Him Not, Neither Knoweth Him;  the world, and the men of it, can neither see Him with their bodily eyes, because He Is A “Spirit”; nor know Him with their understandings, because He Is The “Spirit Of Truth”, which they are ignorant of, for want of a Spiritual Discerning.  But Ye Know Him;  as A Spirit of Illumination, Regeneration, and Conversion:  For He Dwelleth With You;  He is an Inhabitant in your hearts, He has taken up His Residence in you as His Temples: And Shall Be In You;  as A Comforter, when I Am Gone From You; and as A Spirit Of Truth to Guide You Into All Truth, to Stand By you, and Assist you in Preaching It, and to Enable you to Bear a Faithful and Glorious Testimony For It (Truth).


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